Decease Note Done Series + Movies + OST (Dual Audio) MKV [720p]

  • 13.07.2016, 18:37,
  • Anime
Re-Encoded the unexceptional series of Dying Note into heinous property MKV h.264 looks with English, Japanese, and Concert-Master Commentary audio, along with English Subtitles as well.

Encoded the 2 Dying Note Rewrite/Relight movies into heinous property MKV h.264 looks with English, and Japanese audio, along with English Subtitles as well

I used the Japanese DVD's this in good time always because their video property were FAR preferred than the USA freeing, then Synced the English audio and retimed the English subtitles to marriage the different video ultimately. That along with all the endure I have gained since my last in good time always doing this years ago has created deo volente the best property idea of this series that you can currently get ahold of at the second.

I also created another set of Subtitles that were for translations only like Japanese textbook for example because the DVD«s did not have these in them and it»s exquisite for those who wait for the dubbed idea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This series was passionate at 480p and there is no proper/official HD freeing or remaster for this series at the second either here in USA or in Japan. It was made/animated just before HD became a ordinary paragon, so it's only freeing is 480p SD. If you inaugurate a download of those in HD resolutions, I pledge its upscaled as of today and not exactly HD property.

Depositary is not exactly HD either, it is just a well done upscale that will probly look better than most other upscales and is meant to apportion a better looking playback than the 480p encodes on a 720p or 1080p ostentation or TV in fullscreen. It looks alot more comprehensible and clear out when viewed in fullscreen on a 720p or 1080p ostentation than the 480p copy.

The only there is for these over the 480p encodes I did, would be this. If you played the 480p encode in your media musician and then made it tomfoolery treacherously in fullscreen on a 720p or 1080p ostentation its going to overextend and disclose of course from the enlargement. If I upscale it to 720p and eliminate it fittingly, it wont be nearly as blurry and the details will be a tad more evident when played treacherously on a 720p or 1080p ostentation in all-inclusive qualify. I compared the 720p and 480p in fullscreen on both my tv and the pc and the 720p isnt as blurry when its a filtered upscale. It's still genre of tone down looking, but its better looking on a 720p or 1080p ostentation in fullscreen than the 480p in fullscreen.

Other than that, theres no verifiable to it. It«s mostly just for those who fancy they NEED 720p or 1080p and don»t want my 480p encodes just because its not an HD prick-to-it-iveness and their fixed idea with that is a blindness. Some people seem to think just because its 720p or 1080p its exactly HD or better property even when upscaled unsatisfactorily. Some people just see 720p or 1080p and interruption right on it because that's all they heedfulness about and disregard 480p even if its well done.
If your not going to be watching it on a 720p or more monitor/tv in fullscreen, then you don«t really need to pest getting it and I strongly counsel the 480p encodes of depositary. If you don»t the blurring that happens when the 480p encode is put into fullscreen, then you don't really need to pest getting it either and I would prick with the 480p encodes I did.

(Primary thanks to SaizenXVII for the audio conjure up files that enabled me to sync the English audio tracks accurately for this freeing. Lets all apportion that living soul a thumbs up for a job well done)
(Another primary thanks to Killer94Bow and all those who submitted synced versions of the English audio for me to vet for possible use in this conjure up. Just because yours was not chosen does not mean you did a unsatisfactory job, I appreciate the crack to help even if yours did not get chosen or used) Thumbs up to you for your energy as well. I may not have used your submissions, but I still owe you a sturdy thanks and a favor for your in good time always and crack to help with the conjure up. So fancy easy to come to me if you need something.

For playback all you need is the own codec if you dont already have it.

Combined Community Codec Wedge (which I tender) or the K-Lite Codec wedge should apportion you all you need and more to tomfoolery these treacherously.

You should be able to consider audio just handsome if you have one of the mentioned codec packs above. If you cannot consider any audio and do not want to instal a codec wedge for some objective, then you do not have and need the nero aac audio codec. As of today it can be inaugurate here.


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