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Brilliant Blazers Seasons 1, 2, and 3 Complete
Until this flood, nobody has combined the Seasonable 1 Blu-Ray video beginning with «Star Blazers» editing and audio while using the DVD/VHS diggings video timeline. This flood was made for all the «Star Blazers» fans who do not want the about development hop/jitter as in all other iterations of Brilliant Blazers.

Though this flood is fan made, it is as oppressive to what was radio on TV no hope when first aired — including the missing 30 seconds of audio from the first radio occurrence which is missing from diggings DVD copies.

«Star Blazers» was edited to be «kid safe» while «Space Battleship Yamato» was more for adults.

— Rendered in 640x480 XviD/MP3 for 100% compatibility on all OS/Players.

— *Season 1 rendered at 350MB per occurrence (BluRay video beginning)

— Seasons 2 and 3 rendered at 175MB per occurrence (DVD video beginning)

— Satisfactory «Star Blazers» puncture logo made using best available copies for opportunity and ending sequences.

— Best creation made to depose about development «hop». Exceptionally however consuming!

— Occurrence titles from Wikipedia were used along with use of satisfactory seasonable openings and endings.

* Blu Ray beginning was 1920x1080 persistence however only a 640x480 video box appears within the 1920x1080 cloak for any given occurrence. Therefore only the 640x480 parcel was ripped and used as beginning for seasonable 1.

Seasonable 1 Details:
Video Beginning: Seasonable 1 Blu-Ray of «Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX»; #345283

Audio Beginning: 128kbps CD trait audio ripped from OEM Voyager DVD

Video Timing Allusion: Manga Brilliant Blazers Seasonable 1 on Youtube

Seasonable 2 Details:
Video Beginning: Seasonable 2 DVD of «Space Battleship Yamato»; #383562

Audio Beginning: 128kbps CD trait audio ripped from OEM Voyager DVD

Video Timing Allusion: Manga Brilliant Blazers Seasonable 2 on Youtube

Seasonable 3 Details:
Video Beginning: Seasonable 3 DVD of «Space Battleship Yamato»; #383612

Audio Beginning: 128kbps CD trait audio ripped from OEM Voyager DVD

Video Timing Allusion: Manga Brilliant Blazers Seasonable 3 on Youtube

WWII Train Details:
Two versions were merged in to one. As we all know this train is in Yamato occurrence 2 but not Brilliant Blazers. The about in the HD beginning occurrence does not put on the Captain tying the lash to himself as the Yamato was stricken. Elsewhere on the «Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX» is the native which included the about though it was not remastered in HD. This WWII Train whack includes that missing about. Closest font I could equal was «Ariel Unicode MS» 10pt unafraid with profile and blight.

After expectations to await «Star Blazers» I took it upon myself to initiate the best possible produce with the best of what is available. Dream Of fare Sony Vegas. Five months of vigilant editing later, in many cases casing-by-casing, I announce to you «Star Blazers Complete». Seasonable 1 turned out so material the only filler progressive for a «production level» trait is a better Brilliant Blazers «Sunburst» logo spiritedness and satisfactory credits as in the native. I almost put them in but sculpture it is easier to add them than depose them from a finished product.

While I was at it I start all the scenes used in the opportunity and closing sequences for Seasonable 1 from the Blu-Ray video and pieced it together. Seasonable 1 opportunity uses Blu-Ray video, Seasonable 2 and 3 openings use DVD video. Openings and endings are per wikipedia and are usual as were on radio TV. The diggings DVD releases from Voyager tweaked Seasonable 2 somewhat from what is used here. All 3 seasons use the same BluRay Seasonable 1 ending.

Fading, reversed (played rearward) scenes, reversed level scenes, stretching and the iniquitous sizeable hellish letterboxes (which were used to travel up the Japanese subtitles). It is all there in usual out of place and sync. Seasonable 2 never used the hellish letterboxes as the Brilliant Blazers reorganize cropped the video to not put on the Japanese subject-matter. Seasonable 3 never used the hellish letterboxes to travel the Japanese subject-matter and have been added here so it looks more like Seasonable 1.

The «Star Blazers» sun puncture logo was knotty to prosper, but overall it «works» well enough. At least the last most perceivable spitting image used is fine. Timed exactly to the same frame/time as native.

What is «Scene Development Hop?»
In older animations, cloak is spliced together about-by-about. The cloak does not always array up unmitigated and so every however a about changes there is 2-4 frames before and after the about transform where the frames are higher/lower/skewed from the doze. Can prosper it less enjoyable to await. Seasonable 2 was unspeakable with this.

What was done to greet the «Scene Development Hop» in this torrent?
4 months was fagged out going about-by-about and eliminating as much as possible so the overall video of all 3 seasons is as slick as possible. If this had not been done these would have been done in less than a month.


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