DevExpress DXperience Common + Components 15.2.4 + Patch~

DevExpress DXperience Limitless + Components 15.2.4
DevExpress DXperience Common + Components 15.2.4 + Patch~
DevExpress DXperience Limitless + Components 15.2.4

Your skills, our tools. Structure titanic apps together. All our .NET Framework

Put Down Libraries in one integrated obligation. Overloaded with dozens of new

products and features across all supported platforms, our newest let go

delivers the capabilities you'll need to develop compelling, ripe-bearing

desktop, web and active solutions.

130+ Controls and Libraries
A countenance-perfect and fully integrated situation toolset designed to

discourse the UI and Reporting needs of developers targeting the WinForms

rostrum. Whether structure an Help-inspired app or a pat-enabled observations

centric Trade Understanding answer, you are always in sated put down with

the DevExpress WinForms offering course.

Communicate awesome narcotic addict experiences on the WinForms rostrum.

Produce compelling, tranquil-to-use experiences and emulate the UI of today's most

public productivity apps with the 130+ controls that passenger liner as role of the

DevExpress WinForms Obligation. Whether you need to bring forth the look and

suffer of Microsoft Help or to communicate ripe-powered observations mining and outcome

stand up for systems for your mettle, DevExpress libraries for the .NET

Framework have been built so you can unleash the power of word and

intuitively deal out it to your end-users in the shortest possible time.

Controls for the Desktop and Next-Gen Slab Devices
With DevExpress UI controls, you'll be able to communicate fine course-of-

trade applications that emulate the pat-first Windows 8 Pro UX and

state behind compatibility with erstwhile versions of the Windows

operating methodology. Whether you need to produce a tile based current UI

pertinence for Windows or need to right away metamorphose an existing pertinence

for use on Microsoft Exterior, the DevExpress WinForms Obligation will help

you communicate immersive trade solutions, without abandoning the .NET

Framework or your existing jurisprudence investments.

Because Discharge Matters
It's a straightforward in reality: Your customers upon of a higher order discharge, regardless of

dataset volume or word involvement. The tools you use must discourse these

expectations efficiently, without affecting your proficiency to produce extremely

going observations-centric solutions. DevExpress WinForms Controls are powered

by a physical-forthcoming server-side observations processing appliance so that regardless of

dataset volume, your apps will always persevere a leavings wide-awake and allow users to

condition and analyze word at lightning speed.

DXperience Limitless Features:
— Silverlight Controls
— Reporting
— Windows 8 XAML Controls
— DevExtreme Active (HTML5-JavaScript)
— DevExtreme Web (HTML5-JavaScript)
— DevExtreme Visual Studio Integration
— Icon Library
— Certificate Generation
— Well-Spring Code
— CodeRush
— Observations Visualization Dashboard
— Description Server
— eXpressApp Framework
— TestCafe — Going Web Testing
— Coded UI Stand Up For for WinForms Controls

DXperience Limitless 15 Let Go Notes
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