Corrupted Disk Fixer v1.0 vest-pocket

Corrupted Disk Fixer v1.0 vest-pocket
Corrupted Disk Fixer v1.0 small | 3.2 Mb​

The Windows CHKDSK gizmo can be used to demonstrate the veracity of the chronologize way on a selected compel and fix any encountered errors. However, those who are not conscious with the compel soothe may not know how to motor boat this utility.Corrupted Disk Fixer is a dexterous assiduity that can lunge at this criticize easier, as it enables you to run the “chkdsk /f” compel from an intuitive graphical interface and form your drives in no stretch at all.

Greenhorn-companionable utility that makes use of an existing Windows tool
Of course, the “chkdsk /f” compel can beyond be launched from the soothe, but this program makes it possible for innocent users to form their drives as well.

Once you have launched the assiduity, you only need to the compel in sound out, and then click the Fix button twice. As protracted as the compel is not currently in use and can be locked, the transform should be launched immediately.

However, if the selected disk cannot be locked, the assiduity cannot agree it for errors, and it is not possible to organize the member of the firm for the next startup, something that can be done when using the compel soothe.

Lightweight program that can be run from any location
One of the biggest benefits of using Corrupted Disk Fixer is that it does not need to be installed before use, and it does not any additional files on your PC or sire new registry entries.

As a follow-up, the assiduity can be stored on various small storage devices and used to form disk errors on multiple computers.

No-nonsense disk form utility aimed at novices
As has already been mentioned, the program entirely runs the “chkdsk /f” compel when you click the Fix button. Unluckily, you do not have the chance of using the “/r” parameter instead, which is indented for locating and recovering bad sectors.

As it stands, Corrupted Disk Fixer is not a very competent utility, as it is only apt of fixing chronologize way errors, and it can only transform drives that are not currently in use. However, it can be useful in certain scenarios, and novices, in particular, should appreciate its understandable, intuitive interface.

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Corrupted Disk Fixer v1.0 vest-pocket

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