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x N A M E x

PremiumSoft Navicat Spur Energy v9.1.8

x D E S C R I P T I O N x

All-In-One Database Gismo for MySQL, SQLite, Augur and PostgreSQL

Navicat Spur is an morals denouement for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Augur unfolding and management. This is an all-all-encompassing database face end provides a strong graphical interface for databases supervision and sustentation.

Affable consecration and intuitive interface judge it an irreplaceable gismo for MySQL, SQLite, Augur and PostgreSQL on the web or your municipal desktop. With different tie-in established, Navicat Spur is an ALL-IN-ONE solicitation to govern your MySQL, SQLite, Augur and PostgreSQL databases.

Navicat Spur lets you give observations between MySQL, SQLite, Augur and PostgreSQL and run Amount job for different databases at a spelled out heretofore. Other features allow for Import/ Export Wizard, Dispute Builder, Communiqu Builder, Observations Synchronization, Backup, Job Scheduler and more.

Navicat Spur also supports to consequence observations from ODBC, amount job scheduling (invent organize for Import/Export, Observations Give and saved queries), printing of provender house. It also includes a satiated featured graphical executive for background the users and access privileges. Navicat supports Jurisprudence End, Style See and email Notification Services, etc.

Navicat delivers a bodily incident, simplifying the way you labour.

Here are some key features of «Navicat Premium»:

MySQL Objects Supervision:
┬╖ Supports MySQL Servers 3.21 or above
┬╖ Invent / Depart Databases
┬╖ Finances all MySQL objects: tables, views, procedures/functions and events
┬╖ Finances all subobjects: fields, indices, unfamiliar keys and triggers
┬╖ Finances of partitioning
┬╖ Finances of rectitude set and unicode

Augur Objects Supervision:
┬╖ Supports Augur Servers 8.1 or above
┬╖ Create/drop schemas
┬╖ Finances all Augur objects: tables (Conventional, Exotic and Guide Organized), views, procedures/functions
┬╖ Finances all subobjects: fields, indices, unfamiliar keys, uniques, checks and triggers
┬╖ Managing directories, tablespaces, visible database links and visible synonyms
┬╖ Managing database links, indices, java, materialized views, materialized see logs, packages, sequences, synonyms, triggers, types, XML Schema and Recycle Bin
┬╖ Finances of manifest attributes
┬╖ Finances of rectitude set and unicode

PostgreSQL Objects Supervision:
┬╖ Supports PostgreSQL Servers 7.3 or above
┬╖ Invent /drop databases and schemas
┬╖ Finances all PostgreSQL objects: tables, views and functions
┬╖ Finances all subobjects: fields, indices, unfamiliar keys, uniques, checks, rules and triggers
┬╖ Managing tablespace
┬╖ Managing cast and languages
┬╖ Managing aggregates, conversions, domains, trigger functions, operators and classes, sequences and types
┬╖ Finances of rectitude set and unicode

SQLite Objects Supervision:
┬╖ Supports SQLite 2 and 3
┬╖ Attach/detach databases
┬╖ Finances all SQLite objects: tables and views
┬╖ Finances all subobjects: triggers and indices
┬╖ Finances to see bossman table
┬╖ Finances of rectitude set and unicode

Tie-In Supervision and Steering:
┬╖ Multiple local/remote server connections
┬╖ Finances of Augur Essential Connection
┬╖ Finances of Augur TNS Connection
┬╖ Finances to solder a new or an existing SQLite database
┬╖ Tie-In to MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL Server through SSH
┬╖ Tie-In to MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite Server through HTTP
┬╖ Finances SSL safeguard tie-in for MySQL and PostgreSQL 8.4 above
┬╖ Export/Import connections settings
┬╖ Customize selected MySQL/PostgreSQL databases to labour with

Participate Well-Heeled Augur PL/SQL Jurisprudence Debugger:
┬╖ Finances on showing interactive and unfeigned-heretofore debugging information
┬╖ Genius to set austere and complex breakpoints
┬╖ Stepping through a role, i.e. Passage Into, Passage Over and Passage Out
┬╖ Inspecting variables and expressions
┬╖ Mountain traces

Observations Viewer and Columnist:
┬╖ Grid view
┬╖ Style view
┬╖ Focus, Hex and BIT viewer/editor
┬╖ Augur BFile viewer/editor
┬╖ Copying and pasting selected records
┬╖ Customize array formats
┬╖ Incremental search, sorting and formatting provender grid
┬╖ Genius to show/hide Augur and SQLite tables ROWID
┬╖ Finances of raw trend style: devote MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite built-in function
┬╖ Finances of unfamiliar key observations choice: site the available values from the allusion table
┬╖ Filtering Records
┬╖ Genius to set million of records showing on each page

SQL Processing:
┬╖ Visual query/view builder to help the course of action of edifice labyrinthine queries
┬╖ Genius to invent parameter queries
┬╖ Jurisprudence end for SQL editors
┬╖ Jurisprudence excess for Augur functions/procedures/packages/types
┬╖ SQL Jurisprudence Beautifier
┬╖ Multiple SQL editors with syntax highlighted feature
┬╖ Finances jurisprudence folding, highlighted matches words and brackets
┬╖ SQL with quote
┬╖ Parley Wrap
┬╖ Zoom In/Out for SQL editors
┬╖ Enhanced command and supersede options in SQL editors
┬╖ Genius to advance showing SQL before execution
┬╖ Finances to crop up again multi-resultsets
┬╖ SQL console

Diversified Consequence and Export Competence:
┬╖ Importing observations from ODBC: MSSQL, Augur etc
┬╖ Importing observations from MS Excel
┬╖ Importing observations from MS Access
┬╖ Importing observations from pampas focus alphabetize formats : TXT, CSV, XML etc
┬╖ Importing observations from other alphabetize formats : DBF etc
┬╖ Exporting observations to MS Excel
┬╖ Exporting observations to MS Access
┬╖ Exporting observations to HTML
┬╖ Exporting observations to pampas focus alphabetize formats: TXT, CSV, XML etc
┬╖ Exporting observations to most amateur formats: DBF etc

Other Observations Manipulation Tools:
┬╖ Observations give (Same or irritated server keyboard)
┬╖ Transferring observations to SQL arrange as PUT statement
┬╖ Transferring observations to a SQL alphabetize with designated SQL layout and encoding
┬╖ Observations synchronization
┬╖ House synchronization

Backup/Restore for MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite:
┬╖ Help up/restoring database
┬╖ Help up database with chosen database objects
┬╖ Restoring database with chosen database objects
┬╖ Converting backup alphabetize into SQL script
┬╖ Compressing/Decompressing Backup files

Organize for Amount Job:
┬╖ Genius to set organize on backup, dispute accomplishment, import/export, observations give and observations synchronization
┬╖ Genius to run profiles from different servers in a set aside organize job
┬╖ Organize communiqu printing
┬╖ Organize to keyboard communiqu to files: PDF, Outdo, HTML etc
┬╖ Sending notification e-correspondence for organize task
┬╖ Genius to fix Export Wizard/Report outcome files in Amount Job notification email
┬╖ Notification email supports SSL/TLS

Server Custody and Sustentation Services:
┬╖ Visual narcotic addict executive to administrate users, groups (roles) and privileges
┬╖ Genius to exact MySQL user
┬╖ Maintance database/schema objects
┬╖ Server Up On to see methodology variables and server standing information

Communiqu Supervision Tools:
┬╖ Communiqu Builder
┬╖ Communiqu Viewer

Other Useful Features:
┬╖ Objects search filter
┬╖ Help up database/schema/table to SQL script
┬╖ Executing SQL script
┬╖ Duplicate/empty/truncate tables
┬╖ Invent table/view shortcut on desktop
┬╖ Genius to invent Favorites list
┬╖ Genius to set auto-conserve for Dispute, Role, etc
┬╖ Keyboard database/schema/table structure
┬╖ Finances of docking/tab windows
┬╖ Finances of essential grouping: accommodate inductive codification over connections and objects
┬╖ Genius to run excess from direction line
┬╖ Log files: keep stalk on the actions have been performed in Navicat
┬╖ Genius to Tie-In Knowledge into Clipboard


┬╖ Pentium II processor or above
┬╖ 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM
┬╖ Severe-disk break diversify depending on consecration. Satiated consecration requires 10 MB of available severe-disk break.

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