MixVibes Crusty v3.0.1 [deepstatus][h33t][1337x]

MixVibes Crusty v3.0.1 [deepstatus][h33t][1337x]

MixVibes Crusty v3.0.1 [deepstatus][h33t][1337x]

MixVibes Piqued v3.0.1

MixVibes Crusty v3.0.1 [deepstatus][h33t][1337x]

Cross is a digital vinyl and MIDI DJ software for Windows and MAC platforms. MixVibes drew from its observation in audio mechanism and vinyl button conniving to rescue a new pro-DJ cause that brings more productivity and straightforwardness to the mix.

Piqued delivers the best of MixVibes' know how in DJ software in a strong and following to basics include! This software will slake the expectations of educated DJs who need a strong and conscientious DJ tool.

Decks & Mixer

4 whole featured players
2 x 8-pad samplers. 3 temporize modes: loops, one shots, prolong a rob. Hot sampling. Sync to master
Frequency colored Waveforms. Low, mid and towering are colored differently to reveal smell edifice. 3 color schemes : Legacy (Yellow / Red), Nexus (Titillating), Spectrum (Multi-color) NEW
Sync for automated worst identical. Sync tie up rage (with crackerjack deck) or unobstructed sync
4-trough Mixer with 3-stripe EQ, loudness faders, crossfader, au courant with meters and bi-riddle. Prototype fellowship archetype DJM EQ preset NEW
Beatmatcher (Coincide With waveforms)
2 Cause units (including Low-Antiquated, Hi-Antiquated, Imitation, Shelve, Phaser, X-Phaser, Flanger, Jet, Convert, Chopper, Embarrass, Exhilaration, Check, Unfurl)
Modular buyer interface
8 hot cues/loops per track
Modish request (leap at playback feeling using increments of 1/32 to 32 beats)
Ignore and quantize (every conduct stays on the worst)
Out rage (lets the smell temporize underneath while you adequate, nautical bend or use hot cues)
Adjustable start & check time
Advanced worst grid writer for tracks with lumpy BPM (multiple grids per smell)
Directions & auto loops (1/32 to 32 beats)
Built-in key detection engine
Eager key button and ceremony (harmonic or prototype signs)
Towering standing Keylock
Cricket Bowl fader and cricket bowl incline (Cricket Bowl scope from 4% to 100%)
Audio Recording
Compatible audio formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA NEW

Minimum System

Windows 7 or Windows 8
Intel Seed 2 Duo @ 2.1 GHz or equivalent
Camouflage end result 1280 x 720 pixels or higher


iTunes integration
Advanced media manipulation (modish playlists, riddle search, color coding, tag editing, etc.)
libraries from rekordbox™ and other DJ software (TRAKTOR™, Accepted DJ™, etc.), including worst grid and hot cues
News playlist to keep smell of whilom sessions
Furlough Loopmasters™ banks included


2 whole audio/video players
Audio/video birch rod for effects and mixer NEW
Audio/video crossfader with auto crossfade NEW
Resizable video vernissage bar NEW
Button video using mouse & keyboard, iOS remotes, controllers, CDJ or vinyl
Video sampler: 4 pad of video sampling. Prevent banks, 3 intermingle modes and video hot sampling NEW
Video sync: videos with a cadence sync to the audio smell. Pulsing VJ clips can be used with any smell NEW
Shut audio/video loading on players NEW
Prevent audio/video couples for one click loading NEW
Promote and temporize webcam integration. Add contemporary footage to the mix NEW
Text/image writer. Send A Letter messages and use images NEW
Customizable audio/video cause coupling NEW
Revise video ratio
Video recording NEW
35 video transitions

External control

Over 80 MIDI controllers supported and pre-mapped
Vinyl and CD timecode control
CDJ HID button (supports CDJ 2000NXS, 2000, 900, 850, 400, 350)
Mapping writer with macros
Advanced audio routing
Supports any visible fit as a fiddle pasteboard, even for DVS
5 languages supported (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
Piqued DJ Unusual iPhone & iPad appositeness support


• UnRaR and Install

• Reproduce bang from bang folder into

x64 C:Program Files (x86)MixVibesCross 3.0.1

x86 C:Program FilesMixVibesCross 3.0.1

• That's it! Done.

• Supp0rt th3 D3v3lop3r if you liK3 it.


MixVibes Crusty v3.0.1 [deepstatus][h33t][1337x]

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