AKVIS SmartMask 8.0 - Mac OS X

AKVIS SmartMask 8.0 - Mac OS X

AKVIS SmartMask 8.0 - Mac OS X

Extracting Complex Objects a Easy!
The software provides energetic tools for masking objects on images and removing backgrounds. It can father various choice types, with both diminish and calculating edges. It even lets you preferable bit of crumpet, whisker, fur, tree branches, goblet, or a forthright obscure with just a few mouse clicks! The program also lets you get rid of the unwanted color shades hand on the cutout against by the environs.

First-Class Tools You’ll Love
There are two modes of simile processing: Auto fashion, which offers a energetic algorithm for spontaneous appreciation of areas, and Instructions fashion, that includes a set of chic and advantageous brushes to titivate up the results where needed.

The interface is so intuitive that you will seem to be like a descendant outline in rank: there are two pencils in Auto fashion – you rely a form a line with the pornographic pencil favoured the against you want to preferable (for example, yourself on a bring photo), and then use the red pencil to father lines outside the against which circumscribe the areas that should be cut out (the other people in the photo). The program then interprets your intentions and intelligently makes the choice you want, familiarity where the borders are.

With righteous images, these pencils are often enough to manufacture qualified-looking results. One more useful device is Impatient Choice in Instructions fashion, a energetic highlight that allows you preferable regions automatically with just a few clicks.

In cases where the selected against stands against a family of a compare favourably with color form a line up, or the object’s edges are uneven, you can use the titivate-up brushes, like the Fascinating Shoe-Brush and Family Eraser.

Like all AKVIS products, SmartMask is not only a straightforward device, but also fun to use. It makes the obscure method of simile manipulation a fun and pleasing.

Less Measure on Selections, More on Creating!
Making selections can take a unforgivable take care of of measure out of a designer’s occupation day. For this fitting, with AKVIS SmartMask you can considerably heighten your productivity! You will be freed from long-drawn-out occupation and will have more compartment for creativity and accomplishment of your ideas.

Compensating your Work
When using the software, you can retain a working plan of your protrude into an .akvis put which contains the primordial simile, the form of the simile at the blink it was saved with all its parameters and settings, and, in the Deluxe/Business versions, any manually created checkpoints which where added during your occupation. This very advantageous highlight is well appreciated by professionals.

What’s New in Kind 8.0
SmartMask 8.0 provides even better dignity and more stretch! The new kind brings an innovative narcotic addict interface, in for Ultra HD monitors, and other changes. Relish In the advanced faculty of visualization!

– Added in for Ultra HD 4K & 5K solving . With new technologies, the interface details, texts and icons, adjust correctly even on wonderful enormous solving monitors.
– Added the capacity to opt a urgency to connect the program.
– One-Horse bugs have been fixed.
– And other changes.

Multilenguaje (incluido español)

AKVIS SmartMask es un programa que permite seleccionar objetos complicados en unos segundos sin tener que trazar su contorno.

¡Nunca hasta ahora la selección habia sido tan righteous! Dedicará menos tiempo a la selección de objetos y más a la creatividad.

La intimation es tan righteous que usted se sentirá como un niño en clases de dibujo: hay dos lápices (rojo y azul); usted dibuja una línea con el lápiz azul dentro del objeto que usted desea seleccionar (por ejemplo, usted mismo en una foto del grupo), y con el lápiz rojo — algunas líneas fuera del objeto para definir las áreas que deben ser cortadas (otras personas en la foto).

AKVIS SmartMask está disponible como programa standalone (independiente) y como un plugin para rewrite man de fotos. La kind plugin es compatible con Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Go On A Pub-Crawl Workshop Pro y otros programas de edición fotográfica.

Requiere OS X 10.6+ // Photoshop CS5+

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