TVPaint Dash 10 Pro v10.0.16 (1-click run)(registered)

No need to put serials and cracks to get the complete variety, (already done it for you).

No superfluous registry changes.

No dry base of carve-bars in your browser or other unwanted things.

You can even run this inundation from USB-Stick.

Docile Uninstall with the Windows command panel.

These are a few things that makes a «1-click run» variety a, better variety.

New Features

Spiritedness :
— Groups can be used to order layers, noise tracks and clips (storyboard elements). Layers and noise tracks in the same assortment can be moved synchronously.
— instances can be automatically created when thrilling in the layer.
— prompt, interpolate and parrot your images quotation anywhere in a layer, with a lucid lallygag and drop.
— Faux-fixe uses now 3 modes : reiterate, ping-pong and random
— a Object likeness panel has been added : it allows you to object your images with different colors, in correct to exhort the distinction between keys, breakdown... And you can even name your instances !

Storyboard :
— Clips (storyboard's elements) can be disable : they are not apparent when playing the animatic, but are still usable, if needed.
— you can adapt your storyboard's duration by stretching the clips.
— storyboards can be printed in PDF.
— the camera carve now contains 4/3 borders : very useful for people working on 16/9 projects that can be converted in 4/3.

Monochrome :
— a new panel is available with many particularly brushes : tint tumble, watercolor, Chinese brush...
— new monochrome modes are available, such as the «Smear source» course, that allows you to exhort «painted rotoscopy».
— the «picker» and «mixer» tabs from the color panel can be resized as you like !
— the monochrome recorder can not for publication a monochrome on the known layer, so you keep transparency.
— resize your monochrome tools with the key [Z]
— the Sketch Panel RGB contains new tools, whose a «black eye», that hides colored lines and present only clouded lines during 1 second.

Interface :
— colors strategy changed, the layer heap is better, menus are shorter (very useful for people working on a little process).
— rooms changed and : one is even dedicated to corrections (very useful for teachers and professionals)
— the export panel has been improved.

Others :
— a curriculum vitae is now available and you can even object the steps. This panel allows you to direct and retrieve all heretofore made actions, from the origin of your known TVPaint Spiritedness sitting.
— a stopwatch with an audible metronome allows you to object the musique's beat.
— the FX heap allows you now to buckle down to FX on several layers, on a assortment, on instances' foremost only etc...
— a new FX is available : the shaker
— a «new layer» panel has been added to produce layers with close behaviors, disposal, assortment, name etc...

The slightest recommended requirements :

— Windows: Windows XP (compatible with Vista and Windows 7)
— Processor : Pentium IV, AthlonXP or G5 (2Ghz slightest)
— RAM : 1024MB
— Relaxed steely private road lay out : 10GB
— Architecture : 32 and 64 bit

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