FilmConvert Pro 2.11 plugin MacOSX (After Effects-) [ChingLiu]

FilmConvert Pro 2.11 plugin MacOSX (After Effects-) [ChingLiu]

What is FilmConvert?

Ever since the introduction of Digital Cameras, digital evangelists have been saying how Take would long run be superceeded and replaced. After several decades, this is once circumstance. However, for many people, the look of the digital footage still leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't look as reliable tidy out of the camera.

What is it about take that people like so much?

Some people say that take has a «magical» and «organic» characteristic that can never be achieved by a digital camera. We take a more well-organized advance. For many years, the take workflow has been to have the take scanned and then graded digitally. Both formats end up as digital files, we can liken them and boon out the precise the differences.

Our tests have shown that take responds to colors in a different way. Let«s look at an example — tot on Fuji Pro 160s, and the same replica tot on a Canon 5D Mk II. Look specifically how the trees seem to »pop' in the take replica.

Applying FilmConvert to your media
Once FilmConvert is installed, you will want to cement it to your footage. To do that: • First conspicuous up After Effects or Opening Night.
— Engender a new propel, or conspicuous up an existing propel.
— In the state of a new propel, denote some media, and headache it onto the timeline (Opening Night) or a configuration (After Effects).
— If in Opening Night boon the Effects tab. In After Effects, boon the Effects menu jotting.
— Go the Take Emulation type, which currently has just one jotting FilmConvert. Headache the come into force onto your media.

System Requirements
-FilmConvert for After Effects or Opening Night Pro works on CS5.5, CS6, CC
-Mac OS 10.6 +

Language : English

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