Epitome Exacting Disk Administrator 15 Set 32bit & 64bit [ENG] [Vivid Ru-Game Table] [AT-COLLABORATE]

Epitome Exacting Disk Administrator 15 Set 32bit & 64bit [ENG] [Vivid Ru-Game Table] [AT-COLLABORATE]

Exemplar Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number handles your backup tasks automatically – from investment up the thorough modus operandi, sole partitions or just selected files. Incremental and differential backup technologies flee persistent modus operandi backups exceptionally thrifty with the Exemplar Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number. A one-every so often old-fashioned well-proportioned backup of the thorough computer followed by routine incremental backups keep the latest pre-eminence of your PC at all times. The new backup containers in pVHD design timeliness up backups to networks (like an NAS).

Paragon Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number – Partitioning and Optimization Features:
• Partitioning Locomotive. A shrill-exhibit divorce locomotive which is compatible with all new generations of facts devices. Paragon’s divorce locomotive is more potent than ever before
• Principal and Advanced Partitioning. Produce, design, cross out, undelete, fleece or unhide partition; set divorce active/inactive; set, mutate or separation go letter; mutate onerous disk divorce stamp (Measure Stamp); alter register systems without formatting; check out register modus operandi integrity; run achieve top test
• Split partitions. You can divorce OS and facts or different types of facts by splitting one divorce to two different partitions of the same strain and register system
• Pool partitions. Consolidate the disk blank, from two adjacent partitions (NTFS, FAT16/FAT32), into a distinct, larger partition
• Redistribute Unconstrained Blank. Inflation unconstrained blank on one divorce by utilizing the on-disk unallocated blank and the intact blank of other partitions
• Self-Regulating divorce alignment. Optimize exhibit of your onerous disk during partitioning/copy operations and restoring a backup mental picture to new onerous drives (not all operations are supported)
• Alter potent to principal MBR disks. Alter a potent MBR or GPT disk containing plain measure(s) into a principal MBR disk
• NTFS and FAT defragmentation. 27 defragmentation strategies, MFT defragmentation and shrinking, low unconstrained blank defragmentation
• Boot Corrector. Fix most modus operandi boot problems that d from hominoid or program foul-up, or a boot virus activity
• Boot Executive. Effortlessly preside over several operating systems on one computer
• HFS register systems conversion. Alter any rendition of NTFS register modus operandi to Apple HFS and sin versa without reformatting

Paragon Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number – Backup and Reclamation Features:
• Notable backup techniques. Sector and register equivalent backups with differential or incremental updates as well as an elegant register complement
• Any backup journey's end. Native mounted/un-mounted partitions, exterior storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network shares, FTP/SFTPs servers as well as the secured covert divorce (Backup Capsule)
• Register-equivalent backup/restore for practical containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK). You can now use practical containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK) to do P2V out of backup mental picture scenarios. The use of practical containers has enabled to significantly gain strength exhibit and usability for this strain of migration operations.
• Erudite Backup Wizard. Encourage up exactly what you need, with the best backup proficiency automatically chosen according to the strain of facts you wish to protect
• Discriminative Make Restitution. Effortlessly wrench files and folders from a backup mental picture through the Make Restitution Wizard without the need to make restitution an thorough image
• Exemplar Adaptive Make Restitution 3.0. The latest Adaptive Make Restitution helps you make restitution your modus operandi backup onto altogether different munitions from which the backup was made, or expatriate your operating modus operandi from your old to your new computer. P2P Settle OS Wizard will add all required drivers smoothly and effortlessly, making your operating modus operandi bootable on your new ring or on the altered hardware
• Hot Processing Options. Be backup is a key mug for any backup software. The produce has a greatly manageable, improved configuration for two different methods of hot processing: Exemplar HotBackup and Microsoft Measure Tail Likeness Help (VSS)
• Backup and Make Restitution to or from FTP/sFTP. Precisely transcribe your backups to an FTP server. Using sFTP, the facts bring to the exterior server will be protected and encrypted
• Backup to VD Wizard. Encourage up divorce partitions or thorough onerous disks to a pVHD (Exemplar Practical Onerous Go) design – a good VHD, optimized for storing backups of practical and bones machines
• Make Restitution from VD Wizard. Make Restitution thorough onerous disks, divorce partitions, or certain files and folders from pVHD (available under Windows, WinPE, and Linux)
• Improved transcribe-operations by using asynchronous backup. Gain Strength the timeliness of the backup processing by using asynchronous theme operations
• Encryption and shibboleth security for backups. To sidestep illegal access to your backup files, you can effortlessly encrypt them within our backup wizards
• Broad reclamation environments. Three types to pick out from, based on the latest Linux, DOS, and WinPE 3.0, available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray, thumb drives or Backup Capsule
• GPT/uEFI compatible Backup Capsule. Establish a WinPE-based bootable backup capsule for your 64-bit Windows modus operandi resided on GPT to successfully start up PC from it in casing of emergency
• P2P Settle OS Wizard. Successfully expatriate a Windows bones modus operandi to a different munitions function line (P2P).
• Tragedy reclamation for Apple Boot Group. Mind dual-boot Macs from the Windows side or in the Linux or WinPE reclamation environments
• Reclamation Media Builder. Make Fit either Linux or WinPE-based bootable atmosphere on a USB thumb go or in an ISO register. Unequal To Boot Media Builder you don’t need to have Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) or Automated Inauguration Kit (WAIK) installed in the system
• UIM (All-Encompassing Mental Picture Mounter). Mount pVHD backup images to through their contents and make amends for facts both, in the program and precisely under Windows OS
• Embedded Reclamation Media Builder 3.0. Instead of two utilities downloaded from Paragon’s website (BMB and RMB), the new RMB 3.0 is now embedded into the produce. Combining the best of the two utilities, it can toot one's own horn more options, usability, and constancy:
– Prepares Linux or WinPE-based bootable atmosphere on a USB thumb go in an ISO
– Doesn’t indispensable command Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) or Automated Inauguration Kit (WAIK) on Windows 7 and later platforms
– Can establish WinPE-based media on Windows XP, Vista, if there’s WAIK installed in the system
– Allows injecting additional drivers for storage devices, network controllers, USB controllers, or modus operandi during setup
– Enables to set up a network link with a pre-mounted network division during setup
– Prepares half-breed (both, uEFI and BIOS compatible) 64-bit reclamation atmosphere on show or in an ISO image

Paragon Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number – Facts Likeness and Migration Features:
• Well-Proportioned reach of copying operations. Likeness a well-proportioned onerous disk or a divorce separate, and resize a divorce while copying
• Copy/Restore to distinct sector . Likeness or make restitution contents of a 512-byte onerous disk to a 4k onerous disk with no additional actions from your side
• Register exclude for Likeness HDD. When copying a divorce or a achieve onerous go to a new seal, you can now effortlessly exclude facts you want to exclude from the likeness process
• Expatriate OS to distinct munitions. Expatriate existing systems and flee them bootable in a new munitions environment

Paragon Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number – Virtualization Features:
• P2V Likeness / P2V Settle OS. Expatriate a bones modus operandi to a practical atmosphere in the online way and flee the OS start up after unlucky migration or virtualization with third-function tools
• Suffer for notable practical machines. MS Practical PC, VMware Workstation 10.0, VMware Fusion, and Prognostication VirtualBox 4

Paragon Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number – Facts Wiping Features:
• Facts Wiping. Weaken all on-disk poop or only remnants of deleted files/directories with a tradition algorithm or the US DoD 5220.22-M military standard
• Wiping SSD. Wipe SSDs of most manufactures very operator-palsy-walsy and endlessly!

What’s new in Exemplar Onerous Disk Executive 15 Number:
• Embedded Reclamation Media Builder 3.0
• Register-equivalent backup/restore for practical containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK)
• Pliable chief program window
• Wiping SSD

Install notes:
Just set up — activated version

— Set Up program
— 32bit modus operandi: HDM15_Suite_ea_x32.msi
— 64bit modus operandi: HDM15_Suite_ea_x64.msi

— Set Up Microsoft VisualC ++ 2010
— 32bit modus operandi: vcredist_x86.exe
— 64bit modus operandi: vcredist_x64.exe

— Run the program

Screen after inauguration:

Epitome Exacting Disk Administrator 15 Set 32bit & 64bit [ENG] [Vivid Ru-Game Table] [AT-COLLABORATE]
Epitome Exacting Disk Administrator 15 Set 32bit & 64bit [ENG] [Vivid Ru-Game Table] [AT-COLLABORATE]
Epitome Exacting Disk Administrator 15 Set 32bit & 64bit [ENG] [Vivid Ru-Game Table] [AT-COLLABORATE]

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