Pinegrow Web Plotter v2.91 - Mac OS X

Pinegrow Web Plotter v2.91 - Mac OS X

Pinegrow Web Plotter v2.91 - Mac OS X

Pinegrow Web Artificer is desktop app that lets you mockup and form webpages faster with multi-summon forth editing, CSS and LESS styling, and discerning components for Bootstrap, Organization, Angular JS, and WordPress.

Are you working with HTML pages, WordPress themes, Bootstrap or Foundation?
See why you should have Pinegrow in your toolbelt:

Get HTML files on your desktop
Pinegrow lets you travail with HTML files on your computer. It doesn«t add any frameworks, layouts or styles of its own to your jus canonicum »canon law«. There is nothing to upload, signification or export. Unqualifiedly get, compress and come to someone»s rescue your HTML files.

Fly Like The Wind up working with HTML
Immediately enlarge the layout of your webpage with Pinegrow's substantial visual tools for adding, editing, going, cloning and deleting HTML elements.

Persevere editing
Everything you do in Pinegrow is persevere. There are no previews. You can compress and assay your summon forth at the same unceasingly a once — even if you're using lively javascript elements.

Bootstrap, Organization, AngularJS or HTML
Pinegrow has loose-fitting underpinning for Bootstrap and Organization. Tow components to the summon forth and customize them through UI properties. Pinegrow automatically sets attributes, adds classes or even adjusts the component«s HTML jus canonicum »canon law'. AngularJS, 960 Grid and campo HTML are also supported.

WordPress tract builder
Get or form a HTML summon forth in Pinegrow Web Managing Editor. Add WordPress actions to HTML elements and set their parameters. Export the WordPress tract. Pinegrow generates PHP jus canonicum «canon law» and splits the summon forth into PHP tract files. And much more!

and more...

Tellingly Summon Forth —

Pinegrow es una aplicación que trabaja tanto con una interfaz visual como con editores de texto, all-in-one los que actualmente manejas. Puedes incorporar frameworks como bootstrap y organization y trabaja con CSS y LESS.

A su vez Pinegrow te deja trabajar con múltiples páginas a la vez, tanto en vista como en edición, sirve para testear varias páginas a la vez o keen form de una misma. La interfaz es sencilla y los arreglos de estilizado se arreglan con propiedades CSS, aunque el tow & pinch también funciona. Pinegrow te da la opción de hacer esto manualmente escribiendo código, o arrastrando un objeto.

También te deja trabajar con múltiples hojas de estilo, añadirlas a tu página, sacarlas y otras funciones. Te deja editar archivos all-in-one si estos fueron abiertos de internet y luego descargarlos a tu mac.

Nombre: Pinegrow
View: 2.91
Idioma: Multilenguaje (incluido español)
Incluye: Parche

View OS: 10.6 o superior
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