Tone2 - Electra2 v2.1 OS X [dada]
Tone2 - Electra2 v2.1 OS X [dada]
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AU/VST format.
Electra2 - the only synth you need to bring into being a hit!

Many people say that Electra2 is the most potent synthesizer on the sell. These are conspicuous words, but let us get across why they think it’s true...

Electra2 breathes new lifetime into the footing “synthesizer workstation”. With its potent and sonically conversant proposals to audio preparation, it provides you with truly renowned new sounds. Electra2 is cheerful for any kind of music you amuse oneself with b consider!

April 2015 Electra2.1 has been released

New Ultrasaw oscillators (PW controls detuning):

— 4 new oscs «Hypersaw Vir 3x — 9x» which can healthy like the Hypersaw of the Virus
— New osc «Supersaw JP» which has been inspired by the conspicuous JP 8000
— New osc «Supersaw clean» (same as above, but without disharmonic aliasing)
— New osc «Supernoise» with a palatial and creamy sound
— New osc «Hypersquare 9x» with 9 detuned squarewaves
— New osc «Hypernoise 9x» with a palatial and creamy sound

New effects:

— Vocoder Pro is a lavish-end vocoder with 20 bands. The draw is inspired by the great EMS 3000.
— Vocoder SVC has been inspired by the conspicuous SVC 350.

New features:

— The influence parameters of all 4 broadside effects can be modulated with the matrix. This can be used to bring into being very unsurpassed sounds. Please note that not all possible routings affect sense.
— Additional matrix object «FX Mix» controls the dry/wet be honest of the broadside effect
— Additional matrix targets «FX Par1-4» steer the influence parameters
— The new healthy system «scientific» turns Electra2 into a critical signal generator
— The new healthy system «LowCut 140Hz» cleans up the mix by removing low frequencies from Pads, Keys and Leads
— The new healthy system «HighCut analog» simulates the muffled healthy of analog synths and cleans up the mix by removing lavish frequencies from bass sounds.
— Additional patches which use the Supersaw OSCs: Electra 2.1 now ships with 1240 sounds
— 236 additional waveforms

Enhanced healthy:

— The Vocoder influence has been replaced by an enhanced one
— Knowledgeable oversampling of the existing Ultrasaw osciallators
— More linear frequency response
— Replaced «Reverb Hall» and «Reverb Room» with better sounding algorithms
— Lavish frequencies of «Delay» and «PingPong» effect

Enhanced GUI & interface:

— Mousewheel confirm for tract browser
— Better behaviour when tract browser is open
— Midi CC assignments are shown on top of the knobs
— Midi learn is more intuitive to use (right click on a protuberance)
— Menus are not longer closed automatically after 10 seconds
— Unfurl of the new Ultrasaw oscs shows spread
— Switching combination system does auto-set PW to a useful value

Further enhancements:

— Reduced RAM use by 30%. This allows to shipment 4 additional instances in 32 bit system.
— Faster loading of patches.
— Reduced CPU use on tract loading.

Bug fixes:

— Crooked a can of worms with the LFO sync in ado system which could appear in some hosts
— Crooked a almost never appearing bang after loading a tract and then selecting «init»->«reset all»
— Crooked a can of worms with redeeming the midi learn configuration when several instances were opened and closed at the same time
— Crooked a possible GUI glitch after loading a patch
— Crooked a possible bang which could chance with some very old hosts
— Crooked a can of worms that could chance if sound colour was routed in the matrix
— Behind The Scenes grid of path lfo was not displayed correctly
— Crooked a bug in «Loudness» where lavish frequencies were boosted in a diet faulty way
— Dialog box was opened twice if a stand-in click was used to shipment a wav to osc


— Renamed «Loudness» to «Dynamic loud»
— Renamed «Bass boost» to «Dynamic bass»
— Renamed «Analog» to «Bass boost»
— Renamed «Psychoacoust.» to «Loudness»
Do not affect lettuce with this software...

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