CineSamples CineStrings Runs KONTAKT-SOUNDWAVE

CineSamples CineStrings Runs KONTAKT-SOUNDWAVE

A extensive gleaning of metre-locked runs, scales and rips recorded at the MGM Scoring Tier at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

CineStrings RUNS is the most composer-amicable strings scales, runs and rips library in the humankind. Recorded at the humankind celebrated MGM Scoring Tier at Sony Pictures studios in Los Angeles, CA, CineStrings RUNS compliments both our CineStrings NUCLEUS library and our prevailing Hollywoodwinds library. (The mapping is matching to Hollywoodwinds.) Nothing can show up for a more veritable segment balanced than the real recordings of strings runs in a horrendous lodgings. Combined with our advanced handwriting and effortlessly-to-use interface, this is a remarkably convincing library for anyone who needs to add a more common-sense skill to their mockups.

Sync To Downbeat

What makes this library so intuitive and useful right out of the box is the all-new «Sync to Downbeat» role. This innovative participate allows you to sync the end of the run to the nearest downbeat, regardless of where you start in the bar, or your values bright and early signature. The runs will also sync to changing tempos mid-run.

Very useful for column swiftly!

Memo View

All included runs, rips and trills have been notated out and are displayed as selected within the interface, so you can certainly see exactly what is being played as you trigger different samples.

The types of scales comprise:

Big Scale
Regular Schoolgirl Scale
Harmonic Schoolgirl Scale
Octatonic Scale
Whole Air Scale
Chromatic Scale

(With various combinations of one half, one very, or two very octaves upwards and sliding runs starting on the restorative, 5th note and/or tritone of the key)

The Scales and Trills piece also includes the chordal whole track trill samples for both a big and a schoolgirl chord, while Tonal and Atonal Rips piece contains samples of stunted tonal and atonal rips of both upward and sliding directions.


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