Eassos PartitionGuru (x32/x64)[ENG][Slit]

PartitionGuru is a area directors and text salvage program. In supplement to routine MBR area plain, it supports GUID area plain on GPT disks also. In supplement to underlying area directors functions such as creating, deleting, hiding, formatting partitions, it also provides more weighty functions like frenzied partitions salvage, deleted or frenzied files salvage, area backup, area clone, disk clone, smart area, fundamental value area, suitable and chips area plain howler, advanced march craftswoman, etc.

It also supports VMware, VirtualBox and Effective PC effective disk files. Maintenance IDE, SCSI, SATA sink and USB disk, homage take action. Supports FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS / EXT3 march systems.

Using PartitionGuru you can:
— Take A Turn For The Better frenzied partitions
— Take A Turn For The Better frenzied files
— Carry Out partitions, both MBR and GPT supported
— Cancel files permanently
— Backup & Put windows technique and partitions
— Originate deliver bootable USB beam disk
— Carry Out effective disks of VMware, VirtualBox and Effective PC
— Backup & Put area table
— Boot computer with DOS story PartitionGuru

PartitionGuru has weighty disk & area directors abilities, in supplement to base functions such as creating, deleting, formatting, renaming and hiding area, it provides more.

Smart Partition
This r is for very soon re-partitioning a harsh sink and formatting all its partitions in one measure. Just pending the Smart Area dialog by newspapermen F6 key and then click the «OK» button, the disk will be partitioned and formatted right off the bat. Also called «One Measure Partition».

Fundamental Value Partition
When you originate a area with a value like 10GB, 20GB or 100GB, it will be displayed as 9.99GB, 19.99GB or 99.99GB in the Windows Explorer. It looks like a little education exceptional. The partitions created by PartitionGuru will be true fundamental partitions.

Backup Area to Appearance File
Backup all available text of a area embrace all its inner files to an appearance march. When the area is damaged for any reasons, it can be restored from the appearance march.

Backup Area Table
Although you can take a turn for the better frenzied partitions by PartitionGuru most of be that as it may, if there is a backup example of the area plain, you can put it safely and question. So it is a credible concept to take a backup of the area plain.

Maintenance GUID Area Style
When the competence of a disk is larger than 2TB, the disk must be managed by the GUID area variety. PartitionGuru fully maintenance GUID area variety.


— Institute, don't run.
— Example Shot to the institute dir.
— Blot Out weaken in firewall.

Eassos PartitionGuru (x32/x64)[ENG][Slit]

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