Sympathy Asset - Gaia Landscape Inception Texturing Residents v1.5.3 [VIruz]

Sympathy Asset — Gaia Landscape Inception Texturing Residents v1.5.3 [VIruz]

Requires Rapport 5.1.0 or higher.

GAIA is a organization that enables quick and verbatim genesis of breathtaking looking terrains and scenes.

GAIA gives you the elasticity to go fully procedural or fully enchiridion or somewhere in between to impart the easiest, fastest and prettiest terra-forming, texturing, planting and disturbance genesis and citizenry face on the asset store.

GAIA environments have been compared to Skyrim and Witcher 3! Put the then and cabbage you protect in environmental formulation into delivering the position take part in that matters!

Gaia's customers say:
«Stunningly Well Designed Tools»
«This is by far the BEST of the BEST»
«Making the Very Eagerly, Very Easy»
«Finally, A Topography Ornament for Artists»
«Exceptional Commodity and Attest To!»

With Gaia you will:
— Set Down and carry on your resources;
— Sketch Out the position you want by stamping mountains, mesas, hills, lakes, rivers and a spread of other hype types exactly where you want them (with over 150 different stamps to opt from);
— OR pseudo randomly propagate full new scenes with just the hype types you want;
— OR increase an existing topography by adding detail;
— Leverage your resources to weave, bush, and reside in your topography procedurally using spawners;
— Increase a library of points of pursuit — farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can envisage, or use other peoples libraries and cause them into your scenes;
— Quota your libraries, configurations and tools with others, or leverage other peoples, configurations, assets and tools via the Gaia width organization (GX);
— Backup and quota your sessions via young term files that allow other people to exactly replicate your scenes;
— Export topography meshes, splatmaps, regular maps, shoreline masks and a posy more via the utilities system;
— Take Part In your games and take and quota qualify shots to quota your experiences with the new qualify-shotting organization, including a in good form way to conclusively get back the true locality the qualify ball was taken;
— Set up come up short lighting and camera fx and insta-fetching your scenes with a quote of pre-configured sky, lighting and camera fx;
— And much more — GAIA does the line of many assets in one.

Gaia is compatible:
— Rapport topography in — Rapport topography out!
— No determined shaders or other tricks that could cause compatibility problems;
— You can wipe out Gaia after you have created your disturbance.

Gaia is different because:
— Its mould based – Terrains are created using stamps, which is a visual, intuitive and verbatim way of getting exactly the hype you want at exactly the site you want;
— Its extensible – You can engender more stamps via the scanning organization, allowing you to provenience stamps from terrains, raw files, meshes, or even images and textures from the internet;
— Its replicable, pliable and guide based – all aspects of topography texturing, detailing, planting and oppose organization is done procedurally and is motive based, which allows it to acclimatize to new terrains, and makes it -carat for networked games;

Gaia is also all about culture. We have an lively and beneficial community in the forum and its a consequential charge to quota your line, get inspired by other peoples line, and to get tips on how to interpret any issues you might be having.

NOTE: All assets shown in the introduction video are included with Gaia and outspoken for you to use in your own games, they encompass samples of:

— Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;
— Natural Rocks from MotuProprio;
— Grasses from Turboscalpeur;
— Trees from SpeedTree;
— Textures from;

SIGNIFICANT: Gaia does not attest to multi-tile terrains. Attest To for will come in the idea 2.0 update. In the mean then there is a line around.

Sympathy Asset — Gaia Landscape Inception Texturing Residents v1.5.3 [VIruz]

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