Similitude Asset - Metropolis Structure Quarry Kit Pro Understanding v5.0 [VIruz]

Similitude Asset — Metropolis Structure Quarry Kit Pro Understanding v5.0 [VIruz]

Requires Consensus 4.3.0 or higher.

Pro Adaptation. Requires NGUI + 2DToolkit
Occur ambulatory scenario games. Add your own competition features, menus, art. 100% originator rules included. No Consensus Pro validate needed.

Construct a model within hours, not weeks
Fully customizable competition kit designed to run out-of-the-box. Intimation assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any policy tout de suite. Don't believe us? Watchman On The Alert For us construct a demo in 60s

Insupportable: Is 564 hours of your period value $290?
Edifice a see builder scenario competition from mar is no relaxed assignment. Here's a side-by-side balancing of each period-consuming puff up we did.

Included with this version
— Edifice Items Art (x11 value 12 hrs per asset)
— Capacity Fitting Art (x5 18 hrs per asset)
— Topography Art (10 hrs)
— Isometric Camera Setup (10 hrs)
— Filler XML Facts (10 hrs)
— Edifice Construction Continuity (10 hrs)
— 2D Gameboard Setup/Scripts (50 hrs)
— Gestures like Be Spun Out Delay-and-Drip (5 hrs)
— HUD Art and Scripting (30 hrs)
— Competition Trust In Menu (10 hrs)
— In-App Obtain Menu (10 hrs)
— PvP Struggle Processor (50 hrs)
— Spar Part AI (35 hrs)
— Spar Defense AI (20 hrs)
— Currency Generation/Storage (10 hrs)
— NPC Builder Demo (5 hrs)
— Client/Server Nation Sync (10 hrs)
— Beginner Tutorial (10 hrs)
— Unbroken Effects (2 hrs)
— Multi-policy Bug Fixes (50 hrs)

Kit: $290 to get all of the above
DIY: $20,868 est. value at $37/hr (564 hr)

Works on all platforms
— Android (tested Samsung Galaxy S)
— iOS (tested iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPod 4)
— Web Player
— Desktop PC / Mac Games

Stalwart See Builder Framework
— Format Your Own Buildings
— Gems and In-App Purchases (IAP)
— Gold/Liquid Generators and Storage
— Expandable with assets

PvP AI Struggle Processor
— Combat/Unit AI
— PvE Struggle Matching
— Gold/Liquid Stealing
— Gem Accelerated Training


Imagine a See Edifice Simulator
Supports 2D buildings, both honest PNG graphics or moving sprites. Demos and originator rules included. 3D gameplay is technically possible in our docs, but requires a lot of advanced continuity customizations.

Originator files includes examples like:
— Gold Storage Buildings
— Gold Establishment Mines
— Solvent Storage Buildings
— Solvent Establishment Units
— Leaving Aside purchases (e.g. builder houses)

Watchman On The Alert For us construct a indecent or Treat Cavalierly App Demo

Staff Armies for Battle
Commission your own characters and animations. Customize training , period, and limitations. Add as many sui generis units as you would like.

Originator rules examples for:
— Animations (waste, run, etc.)
— Recoverable troops after battle
— Zip up product with gems
— NPC animations (primary demo included)

Watchman On The Alert For capacity fitting training

Wage War — Competitive battles between players
Let players waste other players

Watchman On The Alert For a PvP struggle example

Strategically Supervision Troops
AI controlled army or manually supervision up to 4-groups. Each struggle includes «recoverable troops», a wish roster filler from players in top ranking unrestrained-to-treat cavalierly ambulatory scenario games.

Gravestones for Killed Troops
Villages hold a brief for themselves from attacking armies with defensive cannons with each edifice. Players need to supervision their armies strategically to win or enhance swag.

Nick Swag and Win Unrestrained Resources
Players achievement gold or solvent swag when destroying contender villages. At the end of the struggle, their stolen swag is added to their village reserves plus recovered troops. (Top-requested puff up)

Customize Your Own Terrain
Supports every possible subject-matter. Construct games with period struggle themes, agribusiness simulators like, or flying isle themes. The 2D tile map is fully editable and expanded with the 2D Toolkit asset

Learn about editing terrain

Net Net Income with In-App Purchases on iOS/Android
Each of our kits comes pre-configured to prop any In-App Obtain asset such as Honest IAP or Unibill. Use IAP for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android ambulatory competition progress. Commission unrestrained-to-treat cavalierly freemium games powered by IAP sales on the App Trust In and Google Treat Cavalierly Marketplace.

You can clerk:
— Gems to zip up construction or training
— Supplemental gold/liquid to obtain units
— Additional construction builders
— Or add your own in-app purchases

Gems (Harsh $ Currency)
Used by most ambulatory unrestrained-to-treat cavalierly scenario games. Players can perfect constructing their indecent faster with gems or staff units faster.

Gold (Pampered Currency #1)
The kit supports two pampered currencies, for example gold, readies, coins, crystals, or any assort of currency you wish to imagine.

Solvent (Pampered Currency #2)
The kit supports two currencies, plus gems in your ambulatory competition. Players dissipate to buy new buildings or staff their army for war.

Watchman On The Alert For a demo of In-App Purchases


Unfold your ambulatory scenario competition in every way possible

Originator Rules for Unity
The ambulatory competition progress kit is designed for both Consensus and Consensus Pro competition devs with 9000 lines of rules in over 50 expandable C# Consensus scripts. The C# scripts are organized by each aim in the competition, such as the struggle processor or trust in menu.

Online Documentation (see here)
All the poop you need to imagine your own ambulatory scenario competition using the Consensus competition mechanism. The Consensus competition progress policy also includes an global array of documentation and assets.

Documented Originator Rules (example)
In to boot to the online documentation provided, the see builder simulator framework comes fully-documented in every Construction CSharp continuity. Plus, the Consensus competition policy includes many unrestrained demos and loads of online originator rules examples resources.

Here are a few examples of how Consensus developers have expanded the kit:
— In-Competition Guilds or Chat
— Public Facebook/Twitter Login
— Unrestrained Art and Unbroken Effects
— Ambulatory Competition Leaderboards
— Ambulatory Ads
And thousands of other Consensus assets


Developer FAQ

What do I need to run the kit?
2D Toolkit v2+ and NGUI Pro v3.5+ are required. Consensus 5's new UI features are not as developed as NGUI or 2D Toolkit to construct the unbroken kit. NGUI v3.5+ is still required.

Does this competition kit prop waste and defense?
Includes a primary materialize of waste and defense. Watchman On The Alert For a demo of PvP

Can I transmute everything in the kit?
Yes. You'll accept the undiminished originator rules after buying. Add/remove your own features, scripts, or characters. Nothing is locked in DLLs and you can access all the rules needed to imagine a practical model.

What devices does the competition run on?
The kit runs on all devices — Android, Apple iOS phones, PC or Mac, or the Consensus web applet. Plus, the competition is optimized for ambulatory with the stroke controls


Feedback from Testers

Richard «Levelord» Gray
I«ve played with others, but this one is the best! It»s definitely more than a primary «start-up» kit as it already has 90% of a competition base in the kit. It is relaxed-to-use and intuitively designed. I greatly mention favourably this kit for anyone considering making a see edifice competition!
Update: In less than a day, I am pleasant with most of the pipelines to add my own buildings and characters (graphics and behaviors/parameters), and I have modified menus, buttons and various GUI interfaces. This is a extraordinary kit!

Ronime Studios
If you are looking to commission a see edifice competition, this is the kit for you. Everything works [rehabilitate] out of the box, and I have depleted belch up a satisfactory amount of period playing around with the dishonour buildings/units. Marvellous kit, I can't advocate this enough!

Similitude Asset — Metropolis Structure Quarry Kit Pro Understanding v5.0 [VIruz]

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