Daz3d - Launch Bristly 456 - G2M & M4

Daz3d — Obligation Comose 456 - G2M & M4

Daz3d — Launch Bristly 456 - G2M & M4

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With this stall you will get 3Delight and NVidia Iray Fabric Presets for DAZ Studio«s local Geometry Cartridge aim. This enables you to use the numerous Substance and Facial Trifle options on every existing man»s person for Michael 4, Genesis (Michael 4 UV) and Genesis 2 Man's (with Michael 4 UV).

With Substance Jewels, tribal tattoo art and old armor in fascinating metallic colors your characters will come to existence with exalted-disentanglement and on the nail assistance crafted transparency and displacement textures. Behind «Wet & Tears» stands the fashion to allure authentic 3D onto your character's overlay with a structure of especially tuned transparency, specular, displacement, and blow textures for transparent drops and tears for even the closest not far from up render.

What's Included and Features

Obligation Comose 456 Geo Shells: (.DUF)
Genesis 2 Man's Geo Shell
Genesis Geo Shell
Michael 4 Geo Shell

Fabric Options:
Iray and 3Delight Options for Each Fabric Preset
23 Bodyhair
Bodyhair Color Black
Bodyhair Color Blond
Bodyhair Color Brown
Bodyhair Color Red
06 Bodyhair Atrocious Pickle and Pepper
06 Bodyhair Blond Pickle and Pepper
06 Bodyhair Brown Pickle and Pepper
06 Bodyhair Red Pickle and Pepper
68 Facial Hair
Facial Trifle Color Black
Facial Trifle Color Blond
Facial Trifle Color Brown
Facial Trifle Color Grey
Facial Trifle Color Red
Facial Trifle Color White
10 Substance Jewels
Substance Jewels Md Off
Substance Jewels Md On
Jewels Color Black
Jewels Color Blue
Jewels Color Brass
Jewels Color Brass2
Jewels Color Copper
Jewels Color Copper2
Jewels Color Gold
Jewels Color Gold2
Jewels Color Green
Jewels Color Pink
Jewels Color Pink2
Jewels Color Platinum
Jewels Color Platinum2
Jewels Color Rose
Jewels Color Silver
Jewels Color Silver2
Jewels Color Steel
Jewels Color Turq
MAT1 Wet All+Noses
MAT1 Wet All
MAT2 Mug Sweat+Noses
MAT2 Mug Sweat
MAT3 Tears1 Black
MAT3 Tears1 Red
MAT3 Tears1
MAT4 SingleTear Left
MAT4 SingleTear Right
MAT5 TearsGoth
MAT5 TearsGoth2
Neck Off
Cartridge Substance Off
Cartridge Substance On

Textures Classify:
158 Features, Displacement and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Fabric Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Fabric Presets (.DUF)

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