Dukal | AD The Aquarellist Brushes for Photoshop (CS6 or Later) CreativeMarket 135707


Dukal | AD The Aquarellist Brushes for Photoshop (CS6 or Later) CreativeMarket 135707

These are the awesome Watercolour Brushes for Photoshop that I’ve created a few years ago and never published… until dec. 12, 2014! Improved and expanded! This kitbag actually includes more than 100 Brushes / Agency Presets that realistically emulates Watercolours and Ink Washings without the need of peculiar and complex tricks, just decorate fill out merry using the pen pressing and road combining different brushes to purchase that unpremeditated wet effects! I know the first notion, besides bolt from the blue your inclination, could be inclination-boggling due to the loads and medley of this maximum grandeur brushes, so… take your even so to conduct and windfall wich ones are your favorites, blend them, procedure, etc. I’ll be publishing some tutorials, tips and tricks, so rope tuned! Take a observation to the examples created ONLY with The Aquarellist Brushes. The referral coat will be keen in a a handful of of days, but the best way to have an notion about how unreal this brushes are is to inclination the video demos:


A very antiquated study:


And another sample painted only with The Aquarellist brushes:



Most of this brushes & presets were created in Photoshop CC 2014 using a Wacom Intuos 4 Plaquette and tested also in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Graphire 4. So, the RECOMMENDED SETUP is Photoshop CC / CC 2014 + Wacom Intuos or Cintiq and the REQUIREMENTS (not recommended): Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Graphire but do not count on -with that min. setup- to use the brushes in the same way I created them! The Wacom Graphire and Bamboo models has less pressing levels and the non-existence of some options (Eg.: there’s no TIP election for brushes). Also, you could trouble this presets in Photoshop CS5 but the reply of some brushes will be far from paragon, even using a Wacom Cintiq. Anyway, this is a ‘work in tireless progress’ so I’ll be improving this tools and giving the buyers some updates from even so to even so.

Some beta testers are still using this set in PS CS5 but as I said I can't garantee the same results as in newer versions of PS, not until I fill out a biggest update (I will).

UPDATE TO V1.1 - July, 2015: Some biggest changes with this update: the splatter brushes (38 brushes) have been separated into a scrupulous individualistic kitbag that is included the ZIP , also the new 11 ‘extra’ brushes are contained in an individualistic kitbag and there’s more!, I’ve included two new exceptionally packs of watercolours brushes (the ‘Architect’ set with 19 brushes and the ‘Cul de sac’ set with 9 brushes), the notion behind those poor exceptionally packs is to have a few brushes that industry easy on the eyes well together. These new packs are the sublime starting stress to use The Aquarellist Brushes. Inclination those new exceptionally packs in engagement:

The Architect Exceptionally Kitbag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF0qHh4GD_w

Cul de Sac (exceptionally set). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMuF_TRSVMA

The Aquarellist Brushes v1.1 (78,4 Mb. – 167 Brushes) includes:

AD_Aquarellist-Brushes_v1.1.tpl (41,7 Mb.) This is the basic with 90 brushes.

AD_Aquarellist-Brushes_Update-June — 2015.tpl (12,4 Mb.) The mark new 11 brushes.

AD_Aquarellist_Arquitect.tpl (5,89 Mb.) with 19 new brushes.

AD_Aquarellist_Cul-de-sac.tpl (9,95 Mb.) with 9 new brushes.

AD_Splatters.tpl (36,7 Mb.) The 38 Splatters.

Some Help images and the Referral Coat (PDF)
A TXT with the Empower of use for a Singular Owner (Please, scan it!)

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