Art Vista Accepted Immense Piano VSTi DXi RTAS AU mongrel

Essential Imposing Piano is the Imposing Piano that fits into your home
computer! The considerable recordings of a Hamburg Steinway B Concert
Imposing have been edited and programmed so that you can satisfaction in the
consummate realism of a actual Imposing Piano in your living live, without
the need to away lapse for one! The elated grandeur of these
recordings will also allow you to manufacture knowledgeable CD-quality
piano recordings without the need to ever call in a recording studio.

A beneficent platoon of recording styles are covered by the numerous

All this is possible by the clique of the Art Vista written agreement
recordings (samples), and the KONTAKT Gambler technology provided by
Constitutional Instruments. This Essential Written Agreement can be used both on PC
and Mac computers. It is in readiness to be played — without any additional
software! Use it either as a barrow-alone «Virtual Instrument» or as
a «plug-in» together with your favorite audio recording software.

Decide the preset you want, and squeeze it as you like with the judicious
shaping controls on the interface. There are knobs for Step By Step
Manner Management (EQ 1), Manner Management (EQ 2), Reverb, Written Agreement Stereo
Bore, Compression, as well as knobs for Measure, Pan, and Tuning.

Advanced users can also management additional judicious-shaping interior
parameters by sending MIDI unbroken controllers from other
software, or from their keyboard.

Seven Fundamental Presets

PROTOTYPE PIANO — Recreates the keyboard purpose and dynamics of
the at first recorded concert imposing piano.

POP PIANO — Provides the reduce brighter and more powerful
keyboard purpose needed in pop music.

JAZZ PIANO — Has the same keyboard purpose as the PROTOTYPE PIANO,
but with a ripen manner. This preset will gulp down twice the
polyphony of the other patches, and is therefore more demanding
on your computer practice.

FACT PIANO — Has an ultra-potent vigorous purpose that will
away the whole piano pipe.

JAR PIANO — Same keyboard purpose as in the FACT PIANO, but
with only «pedal-up» notes to lend an even brighter and
punchier purpose. This piano has a smaller «footprint» and is
less exigent on computer practice resources.

STARLIGHT PIANO — The preset with the smallest demands on your
computer practice. But don«t let the measurements pull someone»s leg you! Even this
smallest preset presents the judicious of a gorged-bloodied Concert
Imposing Piano.

COMPRESSED PIANO — To introduce the richest possible judicious, this
preset has been programmed to encumber with compression. The
compression purpose will enlarge on the softer nuances of the piano
sounds, and better the overall sonority of the piano. As a
sequel, the dynamics of the piano's are not as sizeable, but
the sound colour will still return every nuance played.

Reasonable Live Reverb or «Studio Dry»

The fundamental presets come in two versions: «Wet» or «Dry.» The
reasonable rehearsal foyer reverb was recorded for each note of every
vigorous. In the «Wet» presets this reasonable foyer reverb can be
heard, and will add an final realism to the judicious of the piano
as you event the drift of lapse where the piano is played.

The «Dry» presets do not have the valid foyer reverb, but are
instead programmed to make over a «Studio Dry» deterioration to the piano
judicious. If you lodge to add your own reverb, these presets
will make over you the wager to do so. The «Dry» presets are also
less exigent on your computer's processing power.

Eight Extraordinary Effects Presets

CHORUS PIANO — This preset is programmed with a «chorus» purpose.

When used sparingly, it can away the piano judicious «richer.»
Higher settings can away the piano judicious like an out-of-calibrate up piano.

PUTTER PIANO — A «delay» purpose is pre-programmed, and will add a
bouncing ring.

FLANGER PIANO — A «flanger» purpose is pre-programmed, and will add
a «spacey» stereo purpose.

PHASER PIANO — A «phaser» purpose is pre-programmed and will add
a swooshing grandeur to the judicious.

MULTI PURPOSE PIANO — A clique of phaser and flanger has been

UNDERWATER PIANO — Contemporaneous use of all effects makes this preset
really uncanny sounding!

VIOLIN PIANO — A ease up strike lets the manner dwindle in, as if played by
a violin!

LAPSE PIANO — Multiple effects in clique with a ease up strike.

A actual Sci-Fi purpose!

Twenty-two Recording Form Presets

These presets have been programmed to emulate the recording styles
of pianos heard on notable recordings by various artists from the
1950's through 2005.

Suffer Pedal Sounds

If you lp = «long playing» your Essential Imposing Piano completion, you can also add
the sounds of the suffer pedal going up and down. A fork preset
with only these sounds can be brim-gorged after you have finished your
piano completion.

The pedal sounds are mapped to «middle-C,» and react to dynamics -
an unforeseen quick-witted down-and up paddle one's own canoe will sequel in a unsentimental
corresponding pedal din. The pedal sounds presets can be build in
the folder: «Sustain Pedal Sounds» next to the folders for Broke,
Mid, and Quiet presets.

The Management Knobs

The interface of the Essential Imposing Piano has eight management knobs that
will allow you to customize the judicious of each preset according to your
belittling soup! These knobs are brim-gorged with a preset value. In the
«Basic Presets,» and in the «Recording Form Presets» the protuberance
assignments are:

Protuberance 1 - EQ 1. A «progressive» manner management that has larger effect
on the put down parts of the keyboard. With this EQ, you can purify out
the bass frequencies of your socialistic-care nearby playing without affecting the
right care nearby solos. When making your own recordings, this is a way to
emulate different microphone set-ups. Note: No note should be longer
than 45-50 sec when «EQ 1» is used. At around 50sec into the note
there will be a pocket-sized swelling in measure. Note 2: In the "Recording
Form Presets" Protuberance 1 is assigned to Reverb Live Measurements. The Live Measurements
management is only working when Reverb is set to a value higher than «0».

Protuberance 2 - EQ 2. A manner management that affects the whole keyboard range
equally. Twist the protuberance clock-in the know about to away the piano judicious «thinner.»
Use this management on its own, or together with «EQ 1» to determine the
judicious of the piano so it will «sit right» in a mix with other
instruments. This management is also applicable to zip the amount of
bass frequencies when playing overdue renege from your refuge stereo speakers.

Protuberance 3 - Reverb. Turning this protuberance clockwise will add a digital
live reverb (not to be muddled with the valid foyer reverb available
in the «Wet» presets). If the protuberance is socialistic at 0%, the Reverb will
be garbled and will not put any drain on the computer processor.

Protuberance 4 - Bore. Regulates the stereo bore of the piano judicious.

At a 50% environment the stereo bore will be the position actually
recorded. At a environment higher than 50%, the stereo bore will be
artificially expanded. A smaller environment than 50% will interpret a
shrunken stereo bore. This purpose comes in clever if you would
like to replacement the deployment of the piano on the judicious juncture.

Just wrinkle the stereo bore of the piano, and then use the «Pan»
management protuberance to paddle one's own canoe the piano to the socialistic or to the right.

Turning the protuberance all the way table-clockwise will sequel in a
mono signal.

Protuberance 5 - Compression. Turning this protuberance clock-in the know about will amplify
the softer sounds in the piano. The sequel will be a richer
sounding piano with less vigorous quarrel between quiet and loud.

To offset for the overall higher measure, you may need to twist
down the measure protuberance somewhat.

Protuberance 6 - Calibrate Up. This protuberance will zip the overall tuning up or down.

Protuberance 7 - Pan. This management moves the judicious to either Socialistic or Right
in the stereo position. Use this protuberance with «Knob 4» to position
the piano on the judicious juncture (stereo m).

Protuberance 8 - Measure. Twist the Measure protuberance to a value above «0» for a
louder judicious. Values below «0» will put down the judicious.


Lowest Requirements

6.0 GB Detach Broke Disc Lapse
DVD Campaign
Windows XP, Pentium 4/Athlon 1.8 GHz
Mac: OS 10.2.6 or higher, G5
512 MB RAM

The Kontakt Gambler needs a soundcard for playing the sounds of
Essential Imposing Piano. Sample DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers
required; Windows-compatible MIDI mat if required. The
Kontakt audio apparatus is designed to away use of the processing
power of your computer’s CPU. The potent and complex algorithms
of the Kontakt Gambler occupation best on new-fashioned CPUs.

Recommended Requirements

6.0 GB detach broke disk lapse
DVD-ROM campaign
Windows XP, Pentium 4/Athlon 2.4 GHz or faster
Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher, G5 1.6 GHz or faster

A MIDI interface is required if you are using a MIDI keyboard,
another MIDI controller or an apparent sequencer. The MIDI
interface integrated in many judicious cards can also be used.

We subscribe to 1 GB or more of RAM. The more RAM the better.

The Kontakt Gambler needs an audio be open for playing the sounds of
Essential Imposing Piano. Sample DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers
are required. Windows-compatible MIDI mat is required. The
Kontakt audio apparatus is designed to away use of the processing
power of your computer’s CPU. The potent and complex algorithms
of the Kontakt Gambler occupation best on new-fashioned CPUs.


Windows XP (Standalone, VST®, DXi 2.0™, ASIO™, MME™, Train Sound™,

Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher (Standalone, VST®, ASIO™, Audio Units™,
Middle Audio™, RTAS™)


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