DAZ3D - Whiskers for Genesis 3 Males

DAZ3D — Whiskers for Genesis 3 Males

Laticis Allusion presents Whiskers for Genesis 3 Manful(s).

The FiberMesh entr has been an captivating cruise, many tests have been done trying to accomplish you the right look and the right payment to your group. I believe Whiskers will accomplish your man that unformed edgy look that borders on realism.

A beard, a goatee, a moustache, associated at a tangent strands and a facecap all in one display. The Facial Cap alone comes with two functions, one as a filler that will rapidly yield your beard additional thickness and the other to yield your individual that 5 o'clock comrade. Some presets have been provided but really sliding the indefiniteness trench and adjusting the diffusive insigne will yield you just the right look.

It can be a copious data when all elements are combined that will no hesitation examination someones group but I have taken that into account and provided a answer by keeping separated aspects that should keep most systems and users very pleased.

Whiskers is just the start, there were so many directions and paths that could have been taken it almost made me wanton my mane. This is a display that can be expanded on but I think you will rouse it is lovely big all on its own.

I wanted to yield you the tools to dream up a fair and rational looking norm beard for your characters, even if that's all they are wearing. But I wanted more, I wanted your portraits to look influential too....you now have the skill to display that look for your guys.

With tons of morphs and decree presets to get you started and over a hundred stuff presets each for Iray and 3Delight you can the look to your hearts subject-matter to rouse just the right fit.

Some of the morphs are uncommon and some are slimy but they can be used in conjunction to commence many rational or one and only looks.

Above all thanks to Genesis 3 we have working facial expressions as you will see when it comes to some of my more uncommon promo shots.

Many hours in its the world and countless in until testing brings you this display.

I security you like, pleased rendering.

Laticis Imagery

DAZ3D — Whiskers for Genesis 3 Males

What's Included and Features

Whiskers (.DUF)
Facial Cap A
Facial Cap Broaden Cheeks
Facial Cap Broaden Chin
Facial Cap Broaden Jaw
Facial Cap Expansion
Beard A
All Curled Up
Bad Santa
Bush Man
Exploded Straight
Exploded Wisps
Facial Stubble
Fan Out Jawline
Fanned Out
Perfectly & Trimmed
Perfectly Thickness Expansion
Puff Up Clumped
Puff Up Fuzzy
Puff Up Groomed
Stretch All
Stretch Chin
Stretch Chin Pointy
Stretch Chin Wider
Stretch Moustache
Stretch Moustache Extended
Stretch Side Burns
Stretch Side Burns & Mo
Big & Messy
Big Perfectly & Wavy
Messy Mass
Old Dutch
Masterful Balance
Pharaoh Reversed
Scruff Extended
Scruffy Jaw
Needful Of Tight & Clean
Needful Of Tight & Thick
Needful Of Tight & Wavy
Needful Of Clumpy Jaw
Needful Of Perfectly & Tidy
Needful Of Puff Up All
Compress & Lengthen
Stiffish & Fat Strands
Stiffish Unpolluted & Full
Stiffish Messy & Full
Stiffish Messy & Large
Twisted Mess
Wet & Clumpy
Wet & Horrid
Wet & Rabid
Scheme Man
Wizards Beard
Wolf Man
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
OctaneRender Layer Id
OctaneRender Comrade Visibility
Beard Strays A
Big Curly Mess
At A Tangent Extent 025
At A Tangent Extent 050
At A Tangent Extent 075
At A Tangent Extent 100
Thinner & Thicker
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
OctaneRender Layer Id
OctaneRender Comrade Visibility
Goatee A
Tight & Curly
Uncommon Chin
Uncommon Length
Gothic Point
Stretch All
Stretch Chin
Big & Thick
Big & Thin
Mid Resistance Chin
Out There
Needful Of & Grainy
Needful Of & Messy
Needful Of Tight Chin
Spirit Patch
Spirit Set Right Extended
Stubble Remover
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
Goatee Strays A
Stretch Strays 05
Stretch Strays 10
Stretch Strays 30
Stretch Strays 60
Big Curly Mess
Thinner & Thicker
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
OctaneRender Layer Id
OctaneRender Comrade Visibility
Moustache A
Primary Mo
Primary Mo Extended
Diablo Curl
Stretch Expansion
Big & Rugged
Longer & Thicker
Longer & Thicker Extended
Masculine Extended
Old English Curl
Hunt For a Barber
Needful Of & Styled
Needful Of Stiffish & Groomed
Needful Of Stiffish & Messy
Sides Hanging Down
Thinner & Thicker
Up Ended
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
Moustache Strays A
Stretch Strays 05
Stretch Strays 15
Stretch Strays 30
Big Curly Mess
Thinner & Thicken
OctaneRender Non-Exclusive Visibility
OctaneRender Layer Id
OctaneRender Comrade Visibility
Genesis 3 Manful Shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
Styling Presets
30 Whiskers Beard A Presets + 1 Reset
14 Whiskers Goatee A Presets + 1 Reset
14 Whiskers Moustache A Presets + 1 Reset
Stuff Options
185 Whisker Colors
Facial Cap A Options
Comrade 25/50/75/100%
Filler 25/50/75/100%
Textures Involve:
182 Constitution and Specular Maps (50 x 250)
002 Transparency Maps (4096 x 2048)
Daz Studio 3Delight Stuff Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio Iray Stuff Presets (.DUF)

DAZ3D — Whiskers for Genesis 3 Males

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I security you all benefit it!

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