Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]

A garnering of some of the best reverb plugins available from the last few years:


GET AiR TRYST 09/2009
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Aether is an «Auto Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb Software chew-in».

Features and enumeration:
* Noteworthy faultlessness floating-projection motor — claimed to challenger the best components reverb units available.
* «Impeccable» specifications in Thrive, Term, and Frequency rejoinder.
* Single ubiquitous Auto-Randomizing order throughout the complete algorithm which keeps mixes sounding alive.
* Non-Exponential Deterioration curves for «lush» over one the impression.
* Individual Beginning Consideration and Consideration Engines.
* 33 Thrive Classification Models.
* Over 250 works presets ranging from beatified acoustic emulations to noteworthy over one the impression-cabal ambiences.
* Reverb Deterioration Term cooking- stove from 0.10sec to 120sec plus an Inestimable Deterioration Manner.
* Frequency Dependant Deterioration Term Scaling.
* Dedicated Stereo and Cross-Breed Stereo modes.
* Coded in throng and optimized with SSE for noteworthy efficiency.
* 4 latency. Becoming for use in tracking and performance.
* Supported Rates of up to 192K.
* Intuitive futuristic GUI designed for acme jurisdiction and insouciance of use.

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Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Redline Reverb is a dulcet reverb based on a utterly new and precise concept that excels in both ardour and
transparency at to the nth degree low CPU tradition. Its sum algorithm is based on the Rev — 6 and Thrive Owner Reaktor
ensembles by Martijn Zwartjes. With its many over one the impression enhancements, an intuitive and good-looking new narcotic addict interface,
and much optimized CPU tradition, Redline Reverb represents the next era of these prominent algorithms.

Redline Reverb is a dulcet reverb based on a utterly new and precise concept that excels in both ardour and
transparency at to the nth degree low CPU tradition.

Redline Reverb is a fully algorithmic and dedicated stereo reverb with possibilities far beyond the conventional—just check d cash in one's checks
out the 112 works presets for a resonant showcase of what it can do. Differing From accustomed algorithmic reverbs,
Redline Reverb does not need disengage dish, throng, and reside algorithms.


Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Eos consists of three high-class-importance exclusively-designed reverb algorithms, made
with the present-day product habitat in tendency. Two different dish
simulators and our own Superhall algorithm over you a unfocused palette of
reverb, and the relaxed as pie-to-be conversant with interface makes adjusting the algorithms
to becoming your sniff out incredibly simple-hearted.

Want a ritual dish reverb? Eos can do that. How about a terse,
thick-witted reside over one the impression for your drum buss? Not a maladjusted. But where Eos really
comes in to its own is when you release Superhall on your piano or synthesizer
tracks. The incredibly wish modulated throng sounds of Eno-smartness ambience are
where Eos thrives, something that is made of unobtanium with convolution
verbs. Quite obviously, an impulse rejoinder can not do what Eos does.


GET AiR TRYST 01/2010
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Organize to be entranced! CamelSpace can take any over one the impression you flummox at it, be
it a pad, a synth up for or a drum circle, and whip up a dizzying array of
dynamically-evolving, gated regular textures.

An enormously strong 128-inappropriate to «trance gate» sequencer controls panning,
dribble cut-off and loudness, while autonomous LFOs stipulate still more tendency
-boggling modulation options.

A metre-synced stereo wait and strong auto-panner insure that your
sounds are always on the , while an enhancer (with «Xcita» and melodious
saturation), a flanger and a high-class-importance reverb all add «sparkle».

A ravishing graphical narcotic addict interface puts all the controls at your
fingertips, while the X/Y pad allows relaxed as pie trustworthy-term manipulation of the
most critical parameters.

With the sharp «Randomize» button, new sounds and enlightenment are
just a click away. 256 r-grabbing presets, organised by section,
are also included
Regular multi-function, to add potent consideration to pads, synths, drums and

Strong 128-inappropriate to «trance gate» controlling dribble cut-off, pan and loudness.

Auto-panner, enhancer, flanger, multi-manner dribble, stereo wait, reverb.

Relaxed As Pie-to-use, with X/Y pad and sharp Randomize.
128 categorised presets.

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Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
The IQ-Reverb combines the most innovative convolution technology with the «retro» features of ritual reverb processors
from the outstanding age.

Reverbs with unforgettable tonal importance and talented editing tools just as positioner, modulation and antiquated passage run for it the spatial
positioning of instruments and vocals in the mix as relaxed as pie as never before.

A particularly compiled library with elaborately convoluted components units, trustworthy spaces and novel, layered reverb combinations is
already onboard. Of course, other impulse rejoinder can be imported and edited as well — in all resolutions and also in Dedicated Stereo.

The IQ-Reverb's centerpiece is its intuitive 3D spread — here, processings of the reverb are illustrated. You can modulate ultimately
and envelope of the impulse responses fast and beyond and even use various frequency ranges of the reverb seperately.

With just a mouse click you can also conceive gated or rescind reverbs.

The modulation allows you to say soul into any impulse rejoinder. And the positioner is the exquisite road to beyond thrive
signals in a three-dimensional thrive.


Tryst: 21-Oct — 2011
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
About this deluge::
SIR2 is an relaxed as pie to use audio-plugin to use for high-class importance reverberation. It's available for the plugin formats VST and AudioUnit.

It offers zero-latency processing with low CPU-consumption and non-critical audio processing of impulse responses. SIR2 includes
high-class explanation impulse responses (HDIR) of *real* places produced by Pinguin, Hamburg.

TRYST 10/2010
Decisively, components importance without the components
For over 35 years Lexicon has been recognized as the outstanding guideline of
digital reverb and effects processing and has continuously introduced
unsurpassed peevish technology for the audio application. Lexicon has again rocked
the audio application with a unalloyed garnering of the finest reverb chew-ins
available. The PCM Reverb Chew-In Packet is the final reverb
chew-in for creating authoritative, inspirational mixes within honoured DAWs
With all the adaptability you would upon from a chew-in, this
powerhouse Packet delivers 7 fabled Lexicon reverbs with hundreds of the
most flexible and finely-crafted studio presets, including recognizable
classics from Lexicon¦s humongous library of sounds. Designed to unseat the
highest neck of sonic importance and role to all your audio applications,
the PCM Reverb Packet will take center division in your DAW.

Each algorithm can be run in either mono, stereo, or a suspension of the
two. We¦ve taken the term to add Input and Yield Meters in increment to a
graphical EQ component for easyadjustment of both beginning andlate
reflections. The most palpable take, however, is center dribble in a
multi-dimensional realtime spread. There are three to decide from,
all showing different frequency stages of the algorithm to help you condition
your over one the impression.

The narcotic addict interface displays nine of the most coherent parameters for
customization, it also enables you to metastasis deeper into the algorithm
to organize the resonant matrix of parameters. Approximate your exclusively preset to the
precise and preserve it off once you have the exquisite over one the impression. You¦ll also have
the faculties to pile that preset into a different DAW.

The abundance of algorithms and presets will expedite you to swathe your vocals
and instruments with the dulcet ambiance of panoramically wonderful
spaces. The PCM Reverb Packet is a unalloyed garnering of the finest
reverbs, now with all the adaptability of a multi-podium software

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Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
LiquidSonics' Reverberate is a immensely effectual cross-breed convolution reverb audio processor gift dedicated zero-latency affair
for two disengage, stereo impulse responses for Mac and PC supporting VST, Audio Units, AAX and RTAS.

Imaginative Convolution
Reverberate provides a the money and potent reverb from impulse responses by modulating an joining of two, one at a time
controllable dedicated stereo IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the task-processing effects; an all-behind the times
interpolator chorus and wait section stipulate a fuller over one the impression and an over-sampled analogue metaphor paragraphic equaliser is
provided with dual LFOs. These features run for it for a livelier, more imaginative over one the impression than typically associated with some convolution

In increment to loading impulse responses from audio files Reverberate is able to whip up suppletive autonomous beginning
reflections and tails for additional jurisdiction over a room’s sonic characteristics.
dwelling-thrive leaf:

GET R2R 2014.02.18
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
REVERB CLASSICS disburden the luxurious, potent over one the impression of two of the most coveted reverb units in intelligence – strong additions
to any product toolbox. The REVERB CLASSICS faithfully recreate two honoured throng reverbs that have shaped the over one the impression
of music since the 1980s. Brought to soul by Softube, the RC 24 and RC 48 have a luxurious, harmonic importance that gives every
mix ravishing dimension.

The interface is ultra-intuitive to use, and a first-of-its persuasion visual spread allows you to see the condition of the reverb for on the spot
adjustments with marvy visual feedback. Whether adding deeply and features, or engaging sounds out into thrive for over one the impression
cabal, the REVERB CLASSICS add their prominent sonic signature to any product.

Both effects run as take the side of-alone plugins in any DAW, and knit literatim with MASCHINE.
dwelling-thrive page

GET R2R TRYST : 2013.10.11
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Breverb is a hi-end algorithmic reverberation chew-in that aims to faithfully recreate the over one the impression of revered components reverbs while
keeping CPU pile very low.

Breverb comprises four different algorithms, Throng, Reside, Dish and Inverse, each one accurately modeled and engineered "with
no compromises in over one the impression quality". Breverb's no frills components-like narcotic addict interface gives you immediate jurisdiction over all of the
parameters, allowing you to dynamically map parameters to six assignable controllers and to outlet, nullification and automate presets
in any way you want.

TRYST.....: 2014.03.16 Get STUDIO
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Stagespace is a flexible and glib algorithmic reverb with some single
features.Envelope controls: «body» and «fade» for fuller options.Use it as a , thick-witted reverb or emphasis on it.

Excess for rooms and halls, adds deeply without artifacts.


TRYST.....: 2014.03.19 Get STUDIO
Rev250 is a reverb modeled after the first digital reverb. Sounds very intent, with lots of attitude.

Mid-side excess for stereo breadth jurisdiction.Includes additional effects from the precise units: chorus, phaser, wait.

All stages are emulated, including input conversion.Gain jurisdiction and meter, from lo-fi to .


GET AiR TRYST 01/2010
Reverb.Plugins.Collection.WIN [2009-2014] [goLdbLade]
Origin Reverb is an undisputed origin reverb entertainment that will add antiquated importance and courage to any audio sniff out. It also includes novel
features such as a fully automatable Waggle jurisdiction that will waggle the accepted strings around for those noisy origin effects, and a
Tenseness jurisdiction that tightens or loosens the springs to occupy a afield cooking- stove of origin reverb sounds.

Waggle jurisdiction that shakes the springs around
Tenseness jurisdiction to condition the origin importance and reverb length
Crowd of origin pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3
Tube driver simulation with Bass and Treble in the reverb section
Can be used both as a send and an wrapround effect
Very CPU friendly

At its sum, ValhallaShimmer is a high-class importance reverberator, designed to
breed a glib deterioration, that is both thick-witted and colorless. There are
several reverberation modes available, to allow the narcotic addict to dial in reverb
decays of different sizes, ranging from smaller rooms to interminable ambiences:
By adjusting the Feedback, Diffusion and Appraise controls, the denounce,
tolerate and deterioration of the reverb signal can be dainty tuned.

The modulation controls can be set to breed hidden manner thickening,
glistening manipulate conditions agglomeration-esque decays, and the distinct unsystematic
modulation of the older Lexicon throng algorithms.

Two hue controls and the Color Manner selector allow the resonance to be
adjusted from rosy and glistening to a more relaxed deterioration, be like
to that produced by air absorption in massive spaces.

In increment, ValhallaShimmer has the faculties to bitumen the feedback
signal. There are 5 bitumen modes available:
Celibate, where the feedback is shifted up or down by the value.

Dual, where the feedback is shifted both up and down (in conform to) by the

SingleReverse, where each trace is reversed before it is bitumen shifted.

This results in a smoother bitumen shifting over one the impression than the Celibate manner.

DualReverse. Be Like to the Dual manner, but with reversed grains, for a
smoother bitumen shifting over one the impression.

Go, which turns off the bitumen shifting (useful for «standard» reverb
(WIN) VST,RTAS > 32bit and 64bit
(OSX) VST,AU,RTAS > 32bit and 64bit

ValhallaVintageVerb is a postmodern reverb plugin, inspired by the paradigmatic components digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s.

9 reverb algorithms:
Concert Throng. Based on the throng algorithms of the 1970s and beginning 1980s. Brobdingnagian spatial likeness, simulation density that can be adjusted
from very in terse supply to very thick-witted, and luxurious chorusing modulation.

Rosy Throng. Be Like to the Concert Throng algorithm, but with a brighter first over one the impression, and deeper and lusher modulation.

Dish. Inspired by ear

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