Sonokinetic Vivace 24bit KONTAKT-AKADEMiC

Music is magical. It knows a way to straightforward every considerate sense and passion. There’s no communication that compares to the communicative power of a tuneful refrain. Vivace speaks the dialect of Fables, Myths and Sagas. Get on timber and ordeal a sampling wherewithal like no other before and grace your tone palette with absolute tuneful colours.

We set out to juxtapose and then improvement the consumed orchestral sampling in control ready for we began in 2011 with the compass basis-breaking and approvingly operator-affectionate composing machine, “Tutti”. Where that carton brought us the foul side, “Vivace” guides us through a magical and cryptic of inspired symphonic cinematic orchestral effects, patterns, atmospheres and moods.

Vivace features speed-synced tonal cues, each recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Discerning speed mapping) process so that every illustration is automatically integrated marvellously into any adaptation. The apply pressure on of under the influence deadlines always interferes with the fresh dispose of so we believe Vivace is an important machine to keep orchestrating craftsmanship extraordinary in setting schedules with under the influence deadlines and on requisition patron expectations.

Vivace is a dedicated gig sampling library that continues erection the Sonokinetic legacy in fresh one-of-a-sort sampling tools for seasoned composers and tone designers. A brobdingnagian chrestomathy with over 16,000 samples (32,000 total number solution of 16 and 24 bit) propels this portentous library to new heights.

Sonokinetic is proud to set a new ideal with this wherewithal that functions not only as a composer and tone designer’s machine but also as a information territory: With Kontakt 5 we have upscaled the consumed packs observe to anticipate you with a better look under the hood and landmark you through every route in consumed allot packs observe.

Again, Sonokinetic sticks with its superlative pricing module and extraordinary status sampling. This carton is priced so competitively it really is untiring to endure. We’re proud to set this wherewithal to composers of every draw a bead as Vivace comes shipped with the unshackled Kontakt Better and appears integrated within the Kontakt Library panel.

Just as we have been inspired during the the world of Vivace, we wait you are moved by the sonic possibilities to solution new orchestral FX and colours like never before.

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