Adam Monroe Music - Erect Piano V.1.0.1 KONTAKT VST

Adam Monroe's Column Piano was sampled from a (diet used) Schafer and Sons VS — 40 column piano using Oktava Mk — 012 (in cardioid regularity) and AEA Ribbon microphones in wide of the mark stereo into Propriety M101 and AEA TRP preamps. The piano was sampled with both feel put down diaphragm condenser and ribbon microphones in mandate to take hold of both the evanescent details and effusiveness of an column piano. This access also allows the purchaser to commingle between microphone positions, in mandate to realize a more percussive SDC characteristic, or a laid-wager Ribbon effusiveness, depending on the needs of the sniff out. With both mic positions mate, the piano library achieves a punchy, set, balanced characteristic useful for pop and alone piano tracks.

The piano was sampled with the lid and fa-panel removed in mandate to further accentuate the reach and hammer sounds, and mics were positioned promptly over the hammers in spaced pairs. Uncomplicatedly some angle issues arose, so the angle was inverted on the Ribbon mics in mandate to allow the bass frequencies to come through. The piano was recorded in a diet reverberant flat, a bit of which can be heard in the ribbon position.

Adam Monroe«s Column Piano contains 10 layers of velocity for each note, with 2 note rough-robin, which equates to give 3500 audio samples. The apparatus includes built-in reverb and some anticipated frequency cuts which can be employed via switches. The cuts centered around 10.6 kHz and 13.5 kHz are the frequencies where the piano»s hammer rumbling is most catholic, and the 120 Hz cut is intended to cleansed up mud in bass-complex mixes.

Our intent in developing this library was to engender a piano speech that was both punchy and cleansed without sounding unproductive or stale. We think the end conclusion is a sampled column piano that fits nicely into mixes without sounding cleansed or hoaxer, and that has enough aspect to stirring lifestyle into pop and finished tracks, well also being knowledgeable in enough to characteristic rectitude as a alone apparatus.

The Kontakt translation of Adam Monroe's Column Piano is meet-principles, and is maintained by Ethnic Instruments, all the programming and effects being done through them. Some intelligible scripting is done by us. The Kontakt translation requires the BANG translation of Kontakt 5 or later. You can use the (uninhabited) punter translation to «demo» the apparatus, but it will period-out after 15 minutes. The VST and Audio Section versions are another brute entirely, and the programming falls entirely on AdamMonroeMusic. Our object in any specimen library that is also a VSTi (accepted apparatus) or audio section is to to duel the conduct of the Kontakt Punter. With this library, we experience like we have done just that.

The VST and AU versions embrace updated, -conduct algorithms that have been improving with each new accepted apparatus released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is twin-buffered and multithreaded, which means that buffering conduct is lecherous, even on slower computers, and even in trim latencies. Voices are held and iterated over in a notional, C-Kind array. Honour use is comparable to the Kontakt translation (about 400MB). Because of the potent VST/AU criterion criteria cowardly, you can experience secure that the VST and AU versions should business just as well as the Kontakt translation. The VST translation currently works with all Windows VST compatible DAWS, the AU versions works with all Mac compatible DAWS

Why expatiate on a VST or AU translation at all? Although a pronounced theme of software, the Bang translation of Kontakt (required to run 3rd social gathering specimen libraries) is dear. Developing a VST/AU translation that anyone can use does not add suggestive period to the incident of an Column Piano library — most of the period is all in sampling and processing the samples — so it's a legal no-brainer.

Audio engineering is a weighty for the sake of of creating a VST, but the sounds of this column piano have just been processed. Disregard eq tweaks were done here and there done in mandate to counterbalance-out the microphone positions. The samples were de-noised.




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