Beamer 3.0.3 [NUCLEUS KeyGen + Revamp] for Mac OS X 10.10+ & Apple TV 2+ or Chromecast

Name: Beamer
Rendition: 3.0.3
Mac Rostrum: Intel
Includes: KF + P

OS rendition: 10.10 or higher
64 bit
Apple TV (2nd, 3rd or 4th age group) or Chromecast (1st or 2nd age group)


Select the .app from .zip and install
Utilize the scrap, then use our keyfilemaker to put by a validate put.

You can either clone click the validate put to automatically have it imported or manually run the program to gist it. After importing, you can obliterate the validate put.

Note: The question that some skilful cognate to patching is now resolved with this new KF+P (CSSM Internal Wrongdoing).

More Info:

Beamer streams to your Apple TV....

Plays any moving picture put — Just like the well-received desktop moving picture players, Beamer accepts all conventional formats, codecs and resolutions. AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV. To Beamer, it's all the same.

High-Frequency eminence tiki and hearing — Distinguishable From Riddle Mirroring, Beamer is specifically optimized for video playback at the highest eminence and supports 5.1 hearing. No glitches, clicks, pops or other shenanigans. The video looks just as compelling as it would on your desktop.

Amicable Subtitles — Beamer automatically detects embedded subtitles and associated subtitle files. If possible, subtitles will be selected automatically based on your Apple TV's Subtitle Intercourse preference.

Lonely Check — You can rest, speedy-flip and rewind the moving picture using the Apple TV lonely. No need to get up from the tete-!

Start now, drain later — Beamer remembers what you have watched and at what notion in the video you stopped watching. When you reciprocation to Beamer, everything is exactly where you left-wing it. Just exert pressure disport oneself and prolong watching.

And more..

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