Symantec NetBackup Patron and OpsCenter v7.7.1 [deepstatus]

Symantec NetBackup Patient and OpsCenter v7.7.1 [deepstatus]


Symantec NetBackup Patron and OpsCenter v7.7.1 [deepstatus]

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Change Backup to Change your Topic — The prospective of vigour-stratum statistics sponsorship is here. Symantec NetBackup 7.7 reduces the staggering convolution of vigour statistics sponsorship, outpaces the unstoppable progress of the statistics center, and increases the agility IT needs to change from routine fetch center to post-oriented topic enabler. Enterprises hand over Symantec.

New Features:
• Expanded guy wire for cloud storage providers, including Google Nearline, HDS, and Cloudian.
• Enhanced cloud backup and re-establish performance.
• VMware vSphere web patient and Microsoft SCVMM wad-ins.
• Brains Hand Over Policies for Hyper-V and SQL Server.
• Audit Controls/FIPS Compliance.
• Guy Wire for NetApp Clustered Statistics ONTAP (cDOT).
• NetBackup Self Post enhancements.

Key Features:
• Converged backup stage integrates software and devices to bring about a result that is exceedingly undemanding to deploy and maintain.
• Large integration with effective and palpable systems, applications, and storage technologies depute almost any vigour ecosystem to be protected using a only result.
• Accelerator reduces backup times from hours to minutes by limiting backups to changed blocks and combining them with too soon backup statistics to bring about mock utmost backups.
• Auto Perception Replication automates the technique of heart-rending statistics to another purlieus for tragedy reclamation, merging statistics from multiple sources and synchronizing catalog low-down to burn rubber reclamation.
• Replication Helmsman orchestrates devices snapshot and replication operations from peerless providers such as NetApp and EMC, ensures snapshots are employment-undeviating, and catalogs snapshots for undemanding fill out re-establish.

Key Benefits:
• Dramatically untangle vigour statistics sponsorship by eliminating view products and trivializing infrastructure management.
• Keep gage with gargantuan numbers of systems and growing statistics volumes.
• Surely handle, replicate, and commission emulate statistics according to preset policies.
• On The Double save from any backup storage, including snapshots and deduplicated disk, with undemanding gritty re-establish of any files or objects by fundamental checkbox series from an intuitive interface.
• Handle a at liberty vigour ecosystem with little pole and resources.

What's new in portrayal 7.7.1:
• About this overflow:s of new features and enhancements
• Institution low-down and updated binary sizes for supported platforms
• Required patches
• Operational notes and known issues


1) Unrar

2) Fix In Place (run DVD browser.exe)

3) Select to fix in place as Patient Software,
which is what you need for PC and Workstation.
(Untested with Server Software)

• Thats it! Done.

• Supp0rt th3 D3v3lop3r if you liK3 it.

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Symantec NetBackup Patron and OpsCenter v7.7.1 [deepstatus]

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