DAZ3D - Lorenzo Lorez (a prototypical lorez offing diagram)

Here he is the Basic Low Constancy Masculine, Lorenzo Lorez! Now you can dwell in your scenes with many of these figures and not tease about the hit on your computer resources.

This exhaustive case comes with not just one motif, but 4, plus 2 more affinity to figures. The pinchbeck motif is psyched up for any habit second textures or conforming clothes (not included in this set), and is only 5109 polygons. Fully packed with 230+ morphs, to silver assemblage types from forceful to attenuated, sturdy to girlish, orc to nixie and elf to halfling, plus many more. Also the run morphs have many options to silver to look of eyes, nose, ears, jaws, nose, cheeks and chin, also there are 50 Countenance types giving many options to engender single crowds.

The unused 3 undimmed figures come fully clothed as a Organization Adjust, Hoodie and T-Shirt. Each encompass all the same morphs as the pinchbeck motif with a few supplementary ones for adjusting the clothing. The polygon include for all 4 figures vary from just over 5000 to just under 5500.

The other gifted quality of this set is the transparent amount of textures that are available, giving you even further opportunites to put together monumental numbers of characters all with different appearances. Firstly each motif uses the same textures and these come in several ethinc varations, Caucasian, Latino, Indian, African and Oriental. Each of the ethnic types are further enhanced by the to boot of ringlets, beard, goatee, moustache and bald run. The Caucasian understanding has several ringlets tinge options, Jet, Brown, Blond, Murky and Red. So in unmitigated there are 122 MATs, but that's not all, included are 8 honorarium bodily textures, Detach From, Nixie, Orc and 5 Zombie textures. There are corresponding morphs for each bodily feel.

There are 94 Clothing MATs, these will adopt the busineess adjust, shirt, tie and trousers, the t-shirt, sleeves and jeans, the hoodie, sleeves and jeans. There are two shoes textures, 2 walking boot textures and 5 trainer textures, all can be used with the 3 clothed versions. It is possible to swap around some of the clothing textures, as the organization adjust trousers and jeans textures are interchangeable, the t-shirt textures also effort with the t-shirt included on the hoodie motif.

Each motif comes with a unexpressive selection so that all the morphs can be injected if needed, thus frugality on resources further if morphs are not needed.

The affinity to figures are two variations of just run and hands, one with IK and one without. These are included for prospective use if they are needed for conforming clothing. It maybe possible to in accordance with these figures to the clothing or infirmity versa depending on what is needed.

There are 3 chic props, a baseball cap with 5 feel options, a briefcase with 2 feel options and a wed sunglasses with 7 feel options. The sunglasses has one morph to silver the lense shape.

Lastly there are 28 poses available and 8 hand in glove quickly poses.


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