WinASO Registry Optimizer (Connect + Small)

WinASO Registry Optimizer (Connect + Small)

About this release
Deregulation antiquated: 07/07/2016
OS: Windows all
Tongue: english
Tradition: see included readme files, eliminate internet access with firewall

About WinASO Registry Optimizer
WinASO Registry Optimizer is a full-grown and skilful offering that has been through more than 5 years uninterrupted improvement.

Its advanced scanning algorithm can con the uninterrupted registry within a few seconds for out-dated and untenable entries, as well as other registry errors, all listed comprehensively in the scanning communiqu.

You can chosen the items to fix or let WinASO Registry Optimizer automatically fix them all for you.

In appendix to the registry optimizing purpose, WinASO Registry Optimizer also has a mass of built-in tools such as «Privacy Cleaner», «System Optimizer», «Registry Defrag», «Start-up Manager», «IE Manager», «Uninstall Manager», and more, so that you do NOT need to pay surplus funds to buy such software.

Registry Cleaner
— Advanced scanning algorithm that scans the uninterrupted registry in seconds
— Encompassing misprint communiqu listing registry errors in 20 categories
— Allows consumer to categorize the misprint communiqu according to 10 different attributes
— Substantial registry fixer that post-haste fixes all registry problems with just a unsophisticated click
— Provides more deregulation by allowing consumer to chosen items to fix

Privacy Cleaner
— Con account records and traces generated by Windows, IE, Firefox, Burn Entertainer, Media Entertainer, and more other applications
— One-click to good up all the Windows or internet makeshift files, cookies, squirrel away, URL, account and countersign etc.
— Take Under One's Wing your isolation. With Isolation Cleaner, your intimate gen will not be liberal behind in the computer you used
— Besides pattern hurry and give a new lease of PC performance

System Optimizer
— Automatically end hung applications
— Permit UDMA66 support
— Optimize Internet connection
— Break Windows to Unpack DLLs from Memory
— Hurry up Windows refresh
— Hurry up browsing poor computers
— Hurry up loading internet explorer pages
— Hurry up the menu exhibit delay
— Besides up the Windows prefetcher service

Short-cuts Cleaner
— Post-Haste place and good up unwanted shortcuts that underline to non-existent or untenable files

Registry Defrag
— Post-Haste analyze your registry
— Automatically backup, defragment, snug and optimize your registry with a substantial defragmenting algorithm

Startup Manager
— Instantly observe and directory all the programs that run at pattern startup
— Allow you to with no bleep, disable, permit or cross out the startup programs

Uninstall Manager

— Clearly directory all the installed programs on your computer
— Allow you to post-haste cast off any unwanted programs to unbidden-up disk stretch and give a new lease of pattern efficiency

and much more ...


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