CineSamples Drums Of War 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Drums of War 2 is the newest fellow to the cinesamples percussion
household, and its parents are beaming. Following in the range of the
source Drums of War this new mass takes a different manner to
achieving gargantuan-percussive bump. Whereas the requisite concept
of DOW 1 was recording great orchestral drums in a great organize this
measure we used circumscribed instrumentation/production techniques to
execute our end result. DOW 2 contains entirely new representative comfortable and
entirely new instruments – those which we have never sampled before.

The underlying of this library being the indomitable taikos.

The device of this library lies within the recordings. DOW 2
utilizes a syndicate close/stage mix with wonderfully means
in keeping – a driving, telling sound. If you could use one chat to
relate this uninterrupted it would most certainly be “tight”. But the
honest theurgy lies in whats going on in the stereo sward. DOW 2 uses
hypocritical, triple, and quadruple tracking – mapped down to one representative
and therefore one key – allowing you to trigger this labor thorough-going
studio-course of action which a choose keystroke. Aside from being an
paramount timesaver, its also like having a well-known polished
percussionist and mixer sitting in on your capture. Each representative
contains that pleasurable mini-flamming (without phasing) from the
percussionist and that ultra-balanced extensive panorama from the mixer.

If you like to put together your own layers we’ve made the solitary patches
available too.

All DOW 2 percussion was sampled in 24/48 with the best outfit, in a
unlikely Los Angeles studio, by one of Hollywood’s most in-coveted
percussionists. Everything recorded with 10xRR and up to 10 velocity

* Chang Chang
* Djun Djuns*
* Doumbek
* Form Drums*
* Gong
* Persist Drum
* Kissing Fish Shaker
* Metals
* Mixing Bells
* Mondo Toms*
* One Essay Shaker
* Shime Daikos*
* Sub Thrive
* Tabla
* Taikos*

* clothes patches containing 2-4 sub patches + clothes patches

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