Heavyocity Tutor Sessions Aggregate Drums Gleaning KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX


Heavyocity Chief Sessions focuses much of the loyal-things DSP that drives the company's earlier
percussion engines, Mar and DM307, on two new titles, Group Drums and Ethnic Drum Ensembles
($149 each as a amassment of kits and loops; $89 for kits or loops on their own).

Group Drums comprises a enormous order of low-end cadence beds derived from province drums,
rototoms, confound toms, capacious bass drums, and snares, among other sounds. The kits lay group
performances of five musicians, and the loops layer a sum up of stems to fabricate voluptuous nautical bend
compositions. Ethnic Drum Ensembles provides loops and six kits culled from an thingumabob index that
includes taikos, daikos, bongos, congas, fashion drums, djembes, dumbeks, bodhrans, darbukas, batas,
cajons, and surdos. I was surprised to become aware of only a few ethnic grooves in this title.

Unalike before-mentioned Heavyocity titles, patches do not appear in the Kontakt browser. You must stuff them
from the Kontakt 5 row menu, which makes irregularly-access row auditioning a bit more naughty with
a amassment of this size.

The MIDI to Emcee have a role lets you leave the MIDI observations into your DAW to switch the manipulate, quantize, or
otherwise convert observations. All loops present stems comprising various percussion groups, letting you
wring tremendous order out of an already deluxe lot of grooves.

Chief Sessions instruments have a role Heavyocity's Misunderstanding and Execute knobs, the former comprising
LFO-driven pass through effects and the latter depiction on saturation and distortion. These, in
conjunction with four Chief effects, go a extensive way toward obliterating the purely acoustic
dimensions of the sounds. If that's not enough, you get five programmable Trigger effects, which
have the added promote of a activity sequencer for each.

In common, these grooves are forceful and best suited to showy scoring. The two libraries toil
charmingly together, letting you fabricate multis from both titles. The series is a worthwhile joining
to Heavyocity's roster of non-speculative libraries.

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