DAZ3D - Fighting Series Tae Kwon Do for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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DAZ3D — Fighting Series Tae Kwon Do for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Sometimes a lady's gotta unleash her wrath, ward off her own self, or just mop the deck with the the opposition. The Fighting Series gives you the power of fight at your fingertips with this set of faithful Tae Kwon Do sparring poses.

Taken from existent survival, there are 30 fix attitude poses that you can use on their own, or mix and compare with them to showbiz your own fighting matches. Or you can use the 10 two-individual vignettes of realized Tae Kwon Do Gyoroogi sparring with the boldness of having the right on develop without having to around with the posing.

These power full poses are right on for many different genres, from current suiting someone to a t fighting, to documented showbiz play, to art-fiction battles in . You are only narrow by your imagination.

As always FeralFey poses are inside info checked for acuteness, compare with, and realism. All of the poses included in this set were created with bosom familiarity of Tae Kwon Do to sacrifice you the most faithful poses in the trade in today.

DAZ3D — Fighting Series Tae Kwon Do for Genesis 3 Female(s)

What's Included and Features

30 fix attitude Tae Kwon Do poses for Genesis 3 Female: (.DUF)
Joon Bi
Horse Stance
Right Leg Fa Fighting Stance
Nautical Port Leg Fa Fighting Stance
Right Leg Assist Fighting Stance
Nautical Port Leg Assist Fighting Stance
Pierce Near Hunk and Chop
Right Leg Chambered
Nautical Port Leg Chambered
Right Fa Kick
Nautical Port Fa Kick
Right Flying Fa Kick
Nautical Port Flying Fa Kick
Maximum Side Right
Maximum Side Left
Flying Side Right
Flying Side Left
Roundhouse Right
Roundhouse Left
Flying Roundhouse Right
Flying Roundhouse Left
Assist Right
Assist Left
Spinning Assist Right
Spinning Assist Left
Right Fa Jab
Nautical Port Revoke Punch
Nautical Port Fa Jab
Right Revoke Punch
10 Two-individual Sparring Vignette Poses for Genesis 3 Female: (.DUF)
TKDC 01 A and B
TKDC 02 A and B
TKDC 03 A and B
TKDC 04 A and B
TKDC 05 A and B
TKDC 06 A and B
TKDC 07 A and B
TKDC 08 A and B
TKDC 09 A and B
TKDC 10 A and B

DAZ3D — Fighting Series Tae Kwon Do for Genesis 3 Female(s)

I expectation you all like it!

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