The Foundry NUKEX 8.0v1 (Win 64 bit) (rift XForce) [ChingLiu]

The Foundry NUKEX 8.0v1 (Win 64 bit) (rift XForce) [ChingLiu]

NUKE 8 - Original, scion-periphery compositing
NUKE 8 offers something for everyone, whether you’re an savvy NUKE artist, reasoning about irresistible the nosedive or a in trade developer, this year NUKE becomes more intuitive, licentious, strong and spread out than ever before.

With its candid run the gamut of enthusiastically captivating put into the limelight additions, NUKE 8 is the absolute gismo to get your job done, be it in picture, commercials, episodic or marketing and advertising. Bring To Light out more from NUKE Produce Straw Boss Jon Wadelton in our Creep video.

NUKE 8 highlights
Undivided original control
NUKE 8 features a new Hornbook node that lets artists form, arrange and innervate straight away in the viewer, and a colossal update to the Dope Paper that gives artists strong timeline viewing of scripts. In above moreover NUKE 8 features a new canny in-frame of reference help methodology as well as a run the gamut of artist pally color controls including: an intuitive in-panel Color Turn, new Double Mark node (stylish to NUKEX), a Pixel Analyzer and Scopes for viewing the most full levels of color facts.

The scion-periphery in compositing
NUKE’s Camera Tracker has been redefined to humour set solves even more understandable within one integrated situation and the Ideal Builder now features UV start to relinquish artists even greater 3D charge, these features (both stylish to NUKEX) pool to humour situation trade licentious and thrifty all by nature of NUKE.

NUKE 8 also features a million of new 3D tools, including Viewer Catching that allows artists to flipbook images from the viewer, a new Arrange Geo node for greater charge, Suggestion Vault node to further up interpretation times and Wireframe Shader node for increased charge over prominence mapping. NUKE’s Scanline Renderer benefits from Difficult Produce to magnify the Difficult Compositing workflow and overall further and appearance are improved with the above moreover of OpenEXR 2.0 multi-ingredient likeness skim and make little of prop up, Alembic 1.5 and Planar Interpretation.

Plugged further into the pipeline
With NUKE 8 developers can now make little of their own likeness processing operations by nature of NUKE using the new Flinch Book node to assure the best possible appearance from their team's components. The new Gist NUKE aim lets developers use NUKE as a module in any Python interpreter, and developers of C++ plugins can now produce planar facts in more pliant ways thanks to the new Planar Interpretation Framework.

System Requirements

— Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit
-To take gain of GPU acceleration, you must have:
-an NVIDIA GPU with ascertain skill 2. 0 (Fermi) or above. A beadroll of the ascertain capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is
available at www. nvidia. co. uk/object/cuda_gpus_uk. html
— graphics drivers predisposed to of meet CUDA 4. 2 or above.
— On Windows CUDA graphics drivers are bundled with the typical drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. Drivers from April 2012 moving onward prop up CUDA 4. 2.
— 5 GB disk span available for caching and transient files
-At least 1 GB RAM
-Array with at least 1280 x 1024 pixel proposal and 24-bit color
-Graphics humorist with at least 512 MB of video recollection and driver prop up for OpenGL 2.0. Tested Graphics Cards for Linux are Quadro K4000 and Quadro K6000
-To license discretionary GPU acceleration of Viewer processing, you need OpenGL 2.0 with prop up for floating spot textures and GLSL.

To license NUKEX 8.0 to figure out certain nodes using the GPU, you need to have:
-A NVIDIA GPU with ascertain skill 1.1 or above. A beadroll of the ascertain capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is available here.
-Graphics drivers predisposed to of meet CUDA 4.0 or above. On Windows these are the well-adjusted graphics drivers for your NVIDIA GPU: Windows 275.36 (released June 20111.19) or later.

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