ROKOS OS Integrated with Bitcoin Customer, Daemon and other alt Pi

Cryptocurrency and the Internet of Things Raspbian based OK OS with integrated Cryptocurrency wallets We've seen new services selling «stake miners» for different currencies, we countenance the new technology and uses for cryptocurrencies in the Rapberry Pi environments, hence we came up with a Freed denouement for every Pi nut, developer, consumer, marines that want to try their first cryptocurrencies on their Pi systems, or that would like to put together their Pi into a Staking monogram, It already includes a synched and fully working pocketbook for OKCash to equip them with the best and easier Out of the Box savoir vivre. v2 Update: Based on feedback and more scrutinization we perceive out that a lot of new crypto users have issues for getting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin wallets to labour in their Pi, and some people bitch about the dream of circumstance it takes to collate the wallets and get them tournament, so BTC, LTC, and DOGE wallets and daemons are included in ROKOS since the v2 let off and to the surface. The First OS figure of speech let off that merges the broad power of Raspbian and Cryptocurrencies: — ROKOS v1 comes with an integrated OKCash pocketbook and Synched Set. Released on Jun 9 2015. — ROKOS v2 and to the surface includes the Bitcoin, OK, Litecoin and Dogecoin Wallets. (OK Set Synched) Released on Jun 30 2015. Figure Of Speech Circulation aimed at New Pi Users, Vehicle succeed users and Advanced Pi Users. Download & Singe, Alert for use. Jun 6 2015 - ROKOS v1 (OK) — DOWNLOAD Jun 30 2015 - ROKOS v2 (BTC OK LTC DOGE) — DOWNLOAD Valid Download Links — Do Not Download from other sources, posts, links to insure the conviction of your downloads Specs: v1 Let Off Jun 9 2015 - Broad burnable OS Compatible with the Raspberry Pi systems. — Raspbian based. — Energetic Firewall out of the box. — Dev tools (makes it easier to collate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wallets into the combination) — Works with other cryptocurrencies. — 1024 swap. — Updated OKCash pocketbook with broad Column Move House functionality, encrypted messages and a Synched OKchain. — Crippled SSH (can facilitate if required) — Matter-Of-Fact access to the pocketbook Via: Desktop shortcut, Menu > Internet. — ZIP enter — Compression: Only 1.6Gb figure of speech to download, 4.4GB uncompressed to singe. v2 Let Off: Jun 30 2015 - Includes qt 4 and most developer tools to collate almost any other cryptocurrency pocketbook if required. — Interface and Logos Redesign. — Valid ROKOS logo Redesigned and added to start menu. — Latest Bitcoin Centre QT pocketbook v0.11.99 with matter-of-fact links. (includes daemon) — Latest OKCash Centre QT pocketbook v2.0.0 with matter-of-fact links, Broad Column Move House functionality, encrypted messages and Synched Set farm June 30 2015. (includes daemon) — Latest Litecoin Centre QT pocketbook v0.10.2 with matter-of-fact links. (includes daemon) — Latest Dogecoin Centre QT pocketbook v1.8.2 with matter-of-fact links. (includes daemon) — Crippled SSH (can facilitate if required) — Conviction and Combination Updated. — 1024 Swap mod. — Updated Out of the box Firewall already configd only for wallets and web access. (and ssh IF you facilitate it) — RAR enter — Spacy Compression: Only 1.6Gb figure of speech to download, 5.5GB uncompressed to singe. Requirements: Any ROKOS view: — Raspberry Pi B or 2 (v1 Should labour for A but further testing is required, hence not officially supported yet) ROKOS v1: — Min 6gb SD postcard. (Group 10 for optimal carrying-on) ROKOS v2: — If you will use ALL the wallets: Min 8gb SD postcard and an Alien monogram (usb or hdd). To synch the chains on the alien monogram instead of the SD postcard, BTC set alone is around 40gb. If using OKCash, Litecoin and Dogecoin: Min 32gb SD postcard. they fit together in the postcard for now, alien monogram recommended. If using only OKCash and Litecoin OR Dogecoin (2 wallets): Min 16gb SD postcard. If only using OKCash: Min 8gb SD postcard. Unborn Versions: — Conviction updates. — Set Updates. — More Cryptocurrencies will be integrated for an Out of the Box savoir vivre in different versions called FLAVORS. — Designs Updates. — More wallets, programs or features, based on users feedback and cross over collaborations