Adguard for Android (v2.5.196) [Multi] (2016)

Attention Name: Adguard Podium: Android Attention Font: Web Weed Out, Anti-Standard, Anti-Phishing, Firewall and etc. Salvation Time: April 27, 2016 Attention Variety: 2.5.196 Vernacular: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian and etc. Combination requirements: Android 4.0.3 and higher Font Installer: APK Enter bigness: 6.72 MB ---------------------------------------------------- About this outburst: Adguard — is a one of a kind internet weed out that protects you from the ubiquitous advertising, malware, and phishing sites, online tracking and more. Adguard is really deal with with all kinds of explicitly blocking Internet advertising, pages burden faster with it, it saves bandwidth and developing the security of your ploy against possible threats. Adguard uses a one of a kind technology that allows you to weed out the conveyance of your ploy, which does not order BRING TO LIGHT-law. The charge of the weed out will not be afflicted by the vocation VPN-server, because it is located right on your ploy. ---------------------------------------------------- Functionality 1. The attention does not order BRING TO LIGHT rights, which means that it can be used unequivocally on any device; 2. Adguard — the first attention for Android with drugged distinction filtration; 3. Adguard able to plan b mask all kinds of advertising. Seriously, everything; 4. The attention is really easily understood, usable and intuitive; 5. Security against malware and phishing sites. Adguard proscribe downloading potentially iffy applications and files, and will not allow you to become a fair game of fraud; 6. Blocking is not only in the browser, but also in games and applications!; 7. The attention speeds up the loading of web pages. Without further elements they extensive faster; 8. Security of derogatory observations. Adguard ban tracking your online activities; 9. Adguard — program, thoroughly recognized in the delighted. More than 6 million people from different countries use variety for Windows. And Adguard attention for Android works unequivocally well. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in variety 2.5.196? 1. [Added] HTTPS filtering. 2. [Added] New icon. 3. [Improved] Statistics detalization. 4. [Prearranged] Changed selected theme out of the limelight in the Low frank settings to take big problem from theme color. 5. [Added] $replace modifier for key rules. 6. [Changed] $popup rules are applied to «redirect» responses now. 7. [Changed] Optimized filtering charge. 8. [Prearranged] Adguard filters «application/xhtml» pages now. 9. [Prearranged] Big Problem with parser erection odd flawless URL. 10. [Added] Added various vernacular-peculiar and other filters. 11. [Prearranged] Wire app. 12. [Prearranged] Yandex.Navigator. 13. [Prearranged] Sleipnir Expressive added to the browsers inventory. 14. [Prearranged] VIA browser added to the browsers inventory. 15. [Added] Added localizations to various languages. ...and etc