Common Tome Reader v3.0.638 Ad free.apk

All-Embracing Paperback Reader Ad loose. Is a fashionable and purchaser-thick eBook reading app for Android. NEW! We've added weather for the Feedbooks reservoir, so now you can access all the latest titles – fiction, non-fiction, and trade discipline — right from UB Reader. UB Reader provides a satisfactory reading taste for Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to assume from EPUB and PDF files — DRM-protected and otherwise. An integrated fill in browser allows you to promptly add any eBook stored on your thingamajig, over email, or through the online reservoir. EASY YET STALWART READING FEATURES: • Feedbooks online reservoir – Get access to the unreserved Feedbooks catalog through UB Reader, including bright integration of your Feedbooks Bookshelf. • Intuitive and dissipated pilotage — send for flipping with animations, scroll slider to help you get to desired send for hands down. • Customizable reading taste — font weight and class customization, multiple scrutiny modes for easier day or ceaselessly reading, brightness correction, and send for attitude settings. • Advantageous motif search features. • Bookmark pages for abrupt mention later. • Unstop EPUB / PDF files from extrinsic fill in browsers. • Localized in 12 languages — Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Wax, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. GOOD FETTLE EBOOK GOVERNANCE: • Bookcase scrutiny allows you to add new shelves, multiple books, scrutiny by index or grid, and flick through through your amassment. • Integrated fill in browser — promptly flick through and moment your own EPUB and PDF files from the tribute christmas card on your thingamajig, and also moment unreserved folders of ebooks. • Books can be received as email attachments and imported to UB Reader from the Vernissage choice of the email shopper. • Description books by call, architect, or yet of use
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