Lovely Widgets Pro v5.7.7 APK (Android)

Handsome Widgets is your best moll for customizing your internal curtain with clocks widgets, sickly and other widgets. Follow it in person, be single & verbalize yourself. You also get a handsome sickly appositeness with quick sickly! Handsome Widgets was the first paid app reaching 1 million of downloads. It has been Google Editor's Alternative for more than a year, and more then 3 years in the top #5 paid applications in the Android Sport Stock (in days of old Android Vend). Multiple widgets are available for displaying a clock, the sickly, your battery portion, the going round fixture or accessing some process settings more doubtlessly with toggles. Numerous layouts proposal your widgets different faces for the same functionality. Each widget is individual, allowing you to father the same widget for different locations, different themes or layouts. If customization is not enough for you, conceive of : Sickly knowledge by Accuweather or Sickly Below-Ground Handsome 5 days calculate with staggering animations Multiple phrasing calculate Localized age, so you always know the sickly and district age of any lodgings in the delighted 12 Hours calculate Moon-phases, going round and a calculate for the next 4/5 phases Sickly alerts (USA only) Hankering Sickly Remain Wallpaper OpenGL accelerated which displays the sickly remain on your wallpaper, with many effects, physics and interactions! Have an eye on your going round sickly thanks to the consummate Jelly Bean notifications. Either spectacle the sickly icon or the temperature in the reputation bar. Android Holo look & lean to Mighty notes: We allow more than 15 minutes for the refund method because we think it is too direct. You can acquaintance us from Google Checkout within 24 hours with an exposition on why you are not interested in keeping it. Word To The Wise: this do not suit during sales and promotions! This appositeness is not working on the SD Use Strategy Act Openly because it contains widgets, so please follow sure you have enough unencumbered break on your colophon. What's new in this understanding : (Updated : 13 April 2016) 5.7.6 Fixes for Daydream 5.7.5 Fixes for RTL languages Other bug fixes interdependent to Lollipop update 5.7.2 Strength update 5.7.1 Bugfixes 5.7.0 Netatmo bolster Bugfixes 5.6.1 Fix result on KitKat 5.6.0 New widgets: try the new color widgets! New color picker Multiple bugfixes — 5.5.1 — 5.5.2 (Feb 17, 2014) Bugfixes Chines interpretation fix — 5.5 (Feb 12, 2014) sickly in calculate curtain Sickly alerts Fix an result with geolocation Required Android O/S : 1.6+