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nks and nkx archive unpacker <a href=" http://unavowed.vexillium.org/pub/projects/unnks/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://unavowed.vexillium.org/pub/projects/unnks/</a Introduction unnks extracts text from nks and nkx archives, which are commonly used by several music amalgamation programs. It has a almost identical interface to GNU tar. Instead of doing tar -xvf archive.tar, just do unnks -xvf archive.nks, or optionally unnks -C output_dir -xvf archive.nks. In over to the unnks program, this bundle contains the utilities nks-flip, nks-ls-libs, and the libnks library. nks-flip can be used to magnificence the procedure of a nks/nkx archive. It was used during condition to root the sense of mysterious bytes in archives. nks-ls-libs displays all the representative packages you have installed on your computer that it can catch sight of, and their nkx archive encryption keys. It is only produce on Windows and Mac OS X. See the «nkx support» group for how to use this apparatus to add affirm for more nkx archives to unnks. libnks is a library useful to programmers, which provides an interface to the jurisprudence that unnks uses internally to access archives. If you want to add nks/nkx affirm to your GPLv3+ program, then you may use libnks to gain it. Be warned however, that the API/ABI may hard cash in days releases without foreshadowing. nkx affirm nkx files are different from nks files in that each archive may have its own encryption key needed to cite the contents. These keys are usually supplied as business of the bundle containing the archives, but the extort fingers on may transform and is dependant on the entertain operating procedure: on Windows, the keys may be kept in the registry, on Mac OS X in industriousness quiddity files. There is no wide-ranging and stand-unregulated way of accessing these. This is why unnks contains a database of known packages with nkx archives and how to take possession of their keys. Currently, archives from the following packages are supported: Acoustic Legends HD Ambience Impacts Rhythms main ingredient Chris Hein Bass Chris Hein &#151; Guitars Chris Hein Horns Vol 2 Drums Overkill Ethno The Public 4 Evolve Evolve Mutations Galaxy II Garritan Instruments for Finale Gofriller Cello Keyboard Amassment Kreate Mixosaurus Kit A Mojo Horn Group Mr. Sax T Davy Jones's Locker Way Drums Expandable Davy Jones's Locker Way Drums Gold OTTO Phaedra Prominy SC Energized Guitar Alone Strings Advanced Steven Slate Drums EX Steven Slate Drums Platinum Stradivari Alone Violin Bluff Essentials Symphobia syntAX The Elements The Trumpet VI.ONE Vir2 Elite Orchestral Percussion If you want to unpack an unsupported nkx archive, you may try to use the nks-ls-libs apparatus supplied with unnks to file the packages installed on your computer, along with their nkx archive encryption keys. If you then email this dirt to unavowed at vexillium org, it will be included in the next translation of unnks. Limitations Only extracting or listing archives is supported; unnks does not spawn new archives. The archives to be extracted must be seekable files. Extracting from stdin or other non-seekable streams is not supported. Thanks Thanks to Gynvael Coldwind for pointing out bugs in the jurisprudence, and to Steffan Andrews for all the help with discovering how to cite nkx files and then testing whether it actually worked. Also thanks to all those who reported bugs, sent encryption key dirt and in loose sent emails about this put forth