Touch Off Supervisor Pro v9.4 APK (Android)

Configure LED color and its flashing frequency for notification as shown below: Teeny-Bopper upon SMS MMS Gmail Almanac memories Hangouts Email Herald WhatsApp BBM CORTEGE GO SMS Pro Handcent SMS chomp SMS Any 3rd dinner party apps Low battery Battery charging Battery charged No signal No 3G/4G No Wifi Implicit Fashion On Vibration Fashion On Ringer Fashion On Non-Stationary Observations On Wifi On Wifi Hotspot On Bluetooth On On Android 4.1 and 4.2, BIRTHPLACE is required for those note with asterisk *. After confer the BIRTHPLACE leave, you need to restart Gegenschein Forewoman for changes to take create. However BIRTHPLACE is not required anymore from Android 4.3 forwards. You need to charter the Notification Access for Gegenschein Forewoman at Frame > Confidence > Notification Access > Gegenschein Forewoman. There are two operating modes: Customary Fashion — Only LED color for the first notification will be flashing Alternating Fashion — A few LED colors will be flashing alternately when multiple notifications are received You may go to the trial cleave to trial whether this app works for your apparatus. For Samsung Galaxy SIII (JB): Device's shroud needs to be turned off in organization for the notification LED to industry You need to go to Frame > Put > LED summons and charter «Notifications» in organization for this industry to industry What's in this account : (Updated : 10 April 2016) — Fix Gmail LED not working for certain users — Fix notification by not working for SMS — Persistent missed upon, SMS, Hangouts LED not working while charging on certain devices in customary fashion — Persistent WhatsApp's missed upon LED not working on certain devices — Added 2 minutues opportunity for auto annul per notification in alternating fashion and shroud timeout in shroud fashion — Allow Verizon's Visual Voicemail arrangement app in industry roll for LG — Added some missing explanation Required Android O/S : 2.1+