Adguard for Mac (v1.2.0) [Mac OS X] [Multi] (2016)

Program name: Adguard Program Prototype: Anti-Flag, Web Exclude, Anti-Phishing and etc. Variety: 1.2.0 Publicity season: February 15, 2016 Communication: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and etc. Operating practice: OS X Walk largeness: 46 Mb ---------------------------------------------------- About this tide:: Adguard — is one of a manner of thorough ad blocker for Mac OS X. It is a cosmic program that contains all the necessary options for the most satisfied using the Internet. Ad Blockers, prophecy or blocking phishing and other online threats and immunity of your slighting observations on the Internet. Adguard able to outline advertising entirely in any attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness. In contradistinction to other existing solutions for Internet filtering, Adguard was created specifically for the Mac, which allows you to outline advertising are not only in browsers, but also in the applications installed on your figure. ---------------------------------------------------- Advantages of the program: 1. Works in all in fashion browsers; 2. Designed to outline all types of advertising; 3. Casually to use, blocks ads insensibly in the qualifications mode; 4. Warns about the hazard during the alteration to mistrustful websites; 5. Has the module (Associated Adguard) to shift for oneself the program presently from your browser; 6. Prevents from counters and systems analysts, prohibits tracking drug undertaking online. ---------------------------------------------------- Practice requirements: Operating Practice: OS X 10.7 and beyond Browsers: Any (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.) Disk: 100 Mb furlough vigorously disk span. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in variety 1.2.0? 1. [Added] New localizations: Serbian (Latin), German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Ritual, Armenian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Hungarian. 2. [Added] Drug warnings in took place HTTP factor rage fails to start. 3. [Changed] Associated requests are now excluded from «Filtering log». 4. [Changed] Now clicking on Adguard icon in significance bar brings opened Adguard windows to fa and makes them effectual. 5. [Rooted] Incorrect in the old days led to incompetence to switch HTTP factor seaport with HTTP factor rage enabled. 6. [Rooted] Require of criticism passage in the «Enter email address» passage meadow. 7. [Added] $genericblock law modifier. 8. [Added] $generichide law modifier. 9. [Added] $replace modifier for primary rules. 10. [Changed] Now $popup rules modifier is also applied to server redirect responses. 11. [Changed] Now significance 500 is always returned for blocked requests. 12. [Changed] Drug exclude is now packed last, after all other filters are packed. 13. [Rooted] Incorrect in css-intromit rules. 14. [Rooted] Incorrect in conclusion the elements trail on a episode for HTML filtering rules. 15. [Rooted] Incorrect in HTML filtering rules – in the old days discharge elements were never removed. 16. [Rooted] Improved processing of rules with $popup modifier. 17. [Rooted] Modifiers for the whitelist rules now line while filtering contentedness. 18. [Rooted] Now $elemhide law modifier is applied only to HTML pages. 19. [Rooted] Facer with primary rules being treated as rules with $popup modifier. 20. [Rooted] Third-fete requests filtering incorrect. and etc
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