Popcorn Unceasingly A Once v0.3.4 (Windows/Linux/Mac) - Because It's Bleak Outs

Popcorn But Take In Movies and TV Shows instantly -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- v0.3.4 - Because It's Stale Outside — Now comes with let off names — More resiliant to APIs falling down — HiDPI uphold, scales suitably on 1080p, 2k/Retina and 4k/QHD . — Update «about» representation. — New watchlist representation, automatically synced to trakt. — Better caching of network calls, makes the app more smart. — [TV] Auto-Ingratiate Oneself With next adventure. — New themes infrastructure allows for easier integration with community themes. — New transport infrastructure allows for easier integration with community translations. — A lot of bugfixes and under-the-hood changes. — All dependencies have been updated. v0.3.3 - On One's Way to self-hosted repo, you can now remark us at http://git.popcorntime.io — Use FontAwesome instead of PNG's: nicer sharper icons accross the UI — Get rid of milk-white skedaddle at startup — Rethink Settings: much cleaner layout, separated in advanced — Themes: we make over you 3 new themes to restriction out, and soon you'll be able to submit your own — HTTP Api: to authority over Popcorn But from another operation — New settings: Always on Top choice v0.3.2 Features: — HD TV Shows — Trakt.tv Integration — Keyboard Steering Bugfixes: — Unimportant bug fixes v0.3.1 Features: — Added send back failback to yify subtitles. — Add icons and links to about dialog — Add methods to pay attention to motion picture as watched — Added property pass through for movies — Added Advanced Settings with Association Contact, DHT, Tmp Folder options — Serious ESC to closes modals — Added a help representation for keyboard shortcuts. Urge ? — Draggable subtitles. On One's Way subtitles around the thespian — Induce and cease subtitles on the thespian to care a expressly SRT folder — Better init separate out — Added Croatian, Thai and Vietnamese languages Bugfixes: — Subtitles are searched by filename for better results — Rebuild TV Boast API Endpoint with remain figures — Subtitles encode fixes. — Text URL to clipboard quickly. Urge U — Strike oddity to delay blocking on initDb — About this flow: behind the times behind the «Watch» button — Fix watched laundry list. — Can't use scrollbar — Motion Picture laundry list after proximate motion picture — Glitches, jumps, lag in TV Shows, Dispatch on in Movies — Scrollbar issues on adventure About this flow:s — Top menu unseen in TV Shows — Serious ESC cancels/stops download on «Downloading» separate out — TV Boast search keywords can be in any position — Proximate motion picture perfectly on search — Portuguese subtitle encoding — Greek subtitles encoding — Fastest app split — Auto updater v0.3.0 Features: — TV Series — A mark new interface — Purchaser settings — Bookmarks — Watched record — More codec uphold (avi uphold added) — More languages — Rebranded thespian — Keyboard shortcuts ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Made with ❤ by a bundle of geeks from All Around The In Every Way