Fedora kickstart to inspire MyOS located at wikis.southernhedgehogs.org.Generates both 21 and 22 images as well as Re-Generates Chapeau21/22 and Gratuitous-dora21/22 using «libre» kernel..This is NOT an ISO icon. I dont have bandwidth to continually upload 4GB at a continuously.This is an option means to get the ISO regenerated yourself with the latest updates to the ISO. Includes Steam,Vlc,3D Games,Skype, etc. etc. Not trustworthy for your use of NON-gratuitous software, which has penalties and restrictions in the unseal beginning community.Not all packages provided are from fedora, so rank bugs accordingly.Must adibe by commission bargain enclosed before using said software.Not trustworthy for your violations of RedHat policies.That said, Enjoy.Uses non-gratuitous software by lapse much like using Debian restricted/multiverse repos or correspond to on Ubuntu. Fedora ships with more present-day and fast updates than Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Bomb (supplement Linux distro here) as it ships from RedHat by lapse.RedHat has been around for some continuously and is a BILLION dollar a year Linux suite. Fedora cannot send this way, so we must rename ourselves and re-excursion instead.If you want to play a part to branding and removing the HotDog, touch gratuitous to reference me on my website or PM me here.This is a manipulate I am not cordial with and Im not an a-one in doing this.Must know how to repack an RPM if you wish to play a part to doing this. Does NOT have elliptic curves needed for some software.It appears that RedHat releases MAY contain the fix, which I am working on.Will update when this is secured. Devote Oneself To directions in the zip rank.Spinning this is a cakewalk if you do so.You will need Fedora21/22 or any derivation excursion of either understanding to physique these images.I have not tested doing so from another publicity understanding.This is a software limitation.You need at least a point of departure introduce of Fedora to use these files. Manipulate takes around 3 hours on a integrity internet reference which is required for this manipulate.You download around 4GB of figures and need at a around 18GB of pro tem accommodation in /var. Introduce Fedora accordingly.Installation consumes around 12GB, which is why the pro tem accommodation requirements are so rich