Quran Reciter for Unix

establishment Instructions: After downloading unbar a projectile and, cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer. At the strain: sh ./qrecitersetup.bin This software was downloaded from: <a href=" http://www.guidedways.com/quranreciter/download_reciter.php« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.guidedways.com/quranreciter/download_reciter.php</a ...................................... After establishment, you will get the interface tongue set to Arabic, You can exchange it to English or French. In the manu bar you get 6 tasks, Tongue is the second one when you start from the right side :) (REGISTER, BOOKMARKS, DUAS, AUDIO, TONGUE, HELP) You can download reciting files of your favorite reciter, or download all of them from AUDIO. Qir'at Quran Reciter for UNIX You can now skim and pay attention to to the Steadfast Qur«an on your PCs, Skim the shipping of your pick (English, Urdu, Indonesian, Malayu, German, Spanish, Turkish etc) whilst you pay attention to to your preferred reciter reciting the smashing Qur»an to you. Qir'at Quran Reciter does not desire any plugin encouragement and works out of the box! Download and start using it for unrestrained today! Features Filled Quran with Shipping Skim the Steadfast Qur'an from your desktop in Arabic along with the numerous translations: • English Translations: M. Mohsin Khan, Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir • Urdu Translations: Ahmed Ali Lahori, Fateh M. Jalandhry • Transliteration • French Shipping • German Shipping • Indonesian Shipping • Malayu Shipping • Spanish Shipping • Turkish Shipping Reciting Pay Attention To to your favorite reciters. Download and handle Quranic reciting files at will. Currently supported reciters: • Sudais and Saood Shuraim • Abd-ul-Basit Abd-us-Samad • Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy • Ibrahim Akhder • Mahmoud Al-Hosary • Zaki Daghistani • Uthman Siddiqi Ad-ware UNRESTRAINED No on the move adverts, No pop-ups, No banners, No disruptions! This software is Ad-ware UNRESTRAINED. Bookmarks Don't want to elude the last verse you were reading? Or would like to arrive a marker for later reading? Use the Bookmarks attribute that allows you to add a About this gushing: for each bookmark you manufacture. Languages This program supports open out in three languages. All menus and options can be displayed in: • Arabic • English • French Peaceful Zooming Zoom-in and Zoom-out the Arabic and Translated focus with relaxation. Verse Jumping Go to a particular verse arranged a wealthy chapter with relaxation using a shortcut button. Quranic Duas Get all the Quranic Duas in one tracking down for peaceful specification. Categories covered: • Belief (الإيمان) • Meekness (الطاعة) • Eulogy (الثناء) • Resignation (الصبر) • Rule (الهداية) • Pardon (المغفرة) • Household (الأسرة) • Provisions (الرزق) • Consciousness (العِلم) • Thanks (الحمد) • Bulwark (العافية) • Others (أدعية أخرى) Peaceful Copying Entirely best the focus you'd like to transcribe and paste it in an email, blog or a certify for peaceful specification No Audio Plugin required Qir«at Quran reciter does not desire audio plugins such as »Real Player« or »Windows Media Player' and has fully working integrated encouragement for playing reciting files. This makes it fictitious to institute and run on any supported podium! Searching Search the Steadfast Qur'an right from your desktop! Delete Podium Available for all Non-Professional Operating Systems for Unrestrained! Copyright © 2004-2007 Guided Ways Technologies Ltd. All rights silent. This program is unrestrained software; you can redistribute it to whom you like but may NOT adapt it in any way.This program is developed and distributed to please Allah (swt) and to help our brothers and sisters in Islam. However, this allotment is WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied undertaking of MERCHANTABILITY or SALUBRITY FOR A PARTICULAR EXPRESSLY. .......................... Skim Through my other torrents :) <a href=" https://thepiratebay.mn/user/SamirDZ2« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://thepiratebay.mn/user/SamirDZ2</a Please embryo after you use up, and parcel with others anywhere not just through the net only (flare disks, singe to disks, send via emails...etc) to friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors.... I belief that you will perks from the books and clobber :) SHARING IS CARING :p If you have any questions, please perceive unrestrained to correspond with to me: <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» information-cfemail=«f79592999c9f9285988285988284969a9e85b78e969f9898d994989a»[email protected]</a
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