iMazing 1.4.5 (was DiskAid) [MAC OS X]

MADE IN UKRAINE iMazing 1.4.5 – Utter iOS thingumajig director (was DiskAid). iMazing (was DiskAid) is the final iOS thingumajig director with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS thingumajig (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can: — Replication music to and from any iOS thingumajig (even from one iOS thingumajig to another!), regardless of what Mac or PC the thingumajig is already synced to. Music convey done right, without limitations or restrictions. — Backup and replace single iOS apps along with your tradition saved observations, correct for freeing up spaciousness on your iOS thingumajig without losing your files, prodigious for installing apps including your observations on another iOS thingumajig you own. — Convey files to and from an iOS thingumajig, and through the iOS observations plan. — Use your iOS thingumajig like a USB key. — Through and salvage messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and cry out logs, none of which iTunes can do. — Through, salvage, and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account. — Through and survive multiple backups of the same iOS thingumajig. Chose which observations sets you want to replace. — And other astounding things you never mentation possible! What's new in story 1.4.5: — Messages: optimised loading of rotund sets of messages (Mac). — Music replication to thingumajig: convey swiftness improved. — App backup replace: it is now possible to fully replace apps which use shared containers: observations of WhatsApp and Readdle’s Documents can now be backed up and restored fully. — Backups are now from the word go editable — no readonly sections anymore, monkey away! — Photos in Camera split are now sorted by archaic by neglect. — Definite an event when exporting Messages as PDF or Verse (Windows). — Definite an event when restoring some .imazingapp files «Backup exhibit is invalid» (Bon-Bons Vanquish). — Definite an event with convey go bars when clicking on «Skip». — Definite an event where «Import from Contacts» will not ask again the tolerance to access Contacts stored on the computer (Mac). — Exporting photo albums will now put up a «Merge» button instead of «Skip» when the folder already exists on the computer. MADE IN UKRAINE