BBEdit 11.5 [MAC OS X]

MADE IN UKRAINE BBEdit 11.5 – Strong printed matter and HTML writer. BBEdit is the important licensed HTML and printed matter writer for the Mac. Specifically crafted in feedback to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this apportion-friendly output provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of printed matter. BBEdit transforms printed matter with extravagant conduct. What's new in model 11.5: — BBEdit now supports the use of iCloud Ride for sharing assiduity withstand and setup items. This works similarly to the existing Dropbox withstand: in your «iCloud Drive» folder, develop a folder named «Application Support», and then within that develop a folder named «BBEdit». You can people that folder with the contents of your /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/ folder. — BBEdit now supports the use of iCloud Ride for a shared backup folder: in your «iCloud Drive» folder, develop a folder named «BBEdit Backups», and if you have turned on Use Factual Backups, BBEdit will use this folder. — There's a new settings club in the Suggestion preferences: «Sidebar». The controls here adjudge the non-conduct behavior of the files sidebar in editing, contrive, and Differences windows.There is a new folder-point of agreement election in the Come On Differences dialog box: «Only be on a par with items in common». When you remodel it on, BBEdit will only laundry list items in the results that abide in both of the folders being compared. This election is also available to the scripting interface. — There is a new home in the Printed Matter Colors preferences: «Differences». This color home determines how differences are highlighted in editing views when you better them in a Differences window. (The color for differences within a road is derived from this, by darkening or lightening as needed.) If a color technique does not tabulate a Differences color, BBEdit will use a vile gray or insignificant gray (depending on the scheme's breeding color) instead. — Synchro Scrolling is now enabled (and on by non-conduct) for Differences windows: when turned on, scrolling either printed matter hold in the window will scroll the other one. Synchro Scrolling can be turned off for Differences windows; and if you would like it to be off for all new Differences windows, remodel it off and then decide «Save Non-Conduct Differences Window» from the Window menu. — Things that are highlighted in the printed matter at various times (matches for selected printed matter, Flaming Search results, spelling errors, and diffs) are now obvious in the view's vertical scroll bar. The tick marks indicating matches for selected printed matter may be turned off in the Editing preferences, if desired. — The GUI home for intermission in printed matter views, which was removed in 10.0, has been restored to the Editing preferences. — Did you know that you could set BBEdit up to use the Off key to trigger completions? That«s OK, nobody else did either. There»s now a home in the Keyboard preferences to assent to this. Note that it works at moody purposes with both Emacs emulation and using the Off key to way out chock-full filter mode; that is, if you remodel on Off-key finishing-off triggering, the Off key will only drudgery to trigger a finishing-off, and will not r as either the Emacs meta key nor will it way out chock-full-filter look. — There is a new selection in the Keyboard preferences, subordinate to Emacs emulation: «Enable meta sequences». This is off by non-conduct, so that the Off key is not intercepted and can be used to way out chock-full filter look when game on OS X 10.10 or later. To rejuvenate the above-mentioned Emacs emulation behavior (in which domination sequences commencement with a beseech of Off can be used), remodel this selection on, at the sell for of not being able to use the Off key to way out chock-full filter look. — Added domination to the Editing preferences so that instances of the selected printed matter may be highlighted if desired, rather than underlined. — The FTP/SFTP interrelationship panel now has a Method participants, so you can see the directory that will be set once the interrelationship is completed. — The FTP/SFTP interrelationship stratum now has an specific participants for specifying the refuge to use, if you want to link to an alternate server refuge. — The «Insert Folder Listing» domination now provides options to domination whether the generated listing is hierarchical (the indigenous splendour), or furnished room (which lists the chock-full method of every matter). The «Include concealed items» election is chasing after a crave deficiency, as well. These settings are saved, and will bid when dragging a folder in to an editing hold as well. — When piping matter into the bbedit gadget, you can now add a road crowd specifier, and the and the insertion bring up will be placed at the start of the indicated road in the resulting . — Added a new domination to the Delete menu: Start Speaking. This domination will defend the selected printed matter in the document; if there is no quotation distribute it will defend the unexceptional . If the is undecorated, this domination is non-functioning. When speaking is in go, this domination reads «Stop Speaking» and will end the in-go articulation. — Added new domination to the Delete menu: «Paste & Prospect Indentation». When pasting printed matter, this domination will undertake to indent it to the same bring up as the road on which you're pasting (or if that road is undecorated, the most late-model non-undecorated road). The works non-conduct for this domination is Cmd-Opt-Muu-Muu-V. You can swap the keyboard corresponding using the Menus & Shortcuts preferences. — Enabled {Copy, Save} as Styled {Text, HTML} for the delete fields in the Come On and Multi-Fill Out Search windows, because why not. MADE IN UKRAINE
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