Blaupunkt Travelpilot DX Benelux (2013-2014) sailing CD disk

CD: Benelux 2013-2014 (there will be no further updates for the DX-series after this one) Compatible with: Blaupunkt Travelpilot DX-series (tested with a DX-r52). Also compatible with some OEM sailing radio's manufactured by Blaupunkt. You'll need: — An old IDE CD-burner (the slower, the better), perfectly something from 2005 or older, without DVD faculty. — SlySoft Clone CD (test), download here: — A PC uninterrupted Windows 7 (with IDE capabilities, or a gear USB to IDE converter) — Space CD's Instructions: 1. Botch the dust of your old CD-burner, ASSAY IT thoroughly before process. 2. Specimen the fill out «teleatlas.ccp» to «C:Program Files (x86)SlySoftCloneCDProfiles». 3. On SlySoft CloneCD, click «I Agree», then click «Try It!» for the test rendition. 4. Show A Preference For «Write from imageFile» (CD icon with a pencil). 5. Click «browse», show a preference for the fill out «cd2-BNL_2013_2014-MS_DXv1.ccd» from the «DX-BNL — 2014» folder; click «Open», then «Next >». 6. Put a space CD in your CD-burner; now show a preference for your CD-burner and click «Next >». 7. SIGNIFICANT: set the «Write Speed» to «4x (704 kByte/s)» (try a few different speeds if it doesn't business, but never pass 8x). 8. SIGNIFICANT: show a preference for the «teleatlas» profile; now click «OK», then «Try It!». 9. Gap for it to complete; you can safely give someone the cold shoulder the yellow warnings, that's just CloneCD too revealing you that sectors are being amplified. Put the disk in your Blaupunkt Travelpilot DX-series trannie and gap for it to weight, try to penetrate an deliver in unorganized to substantiate that it really works. If it works: yay, now waste a second specimen just to be unpolluted! If it does not business: 1) try a different burner, 2) try different put down speeds, 3) use another type of space CD media. (in this unorganized, its usually the burner that's not skilful enough). I successfully burned this for a Travelpilot DX-r52 using a Samsung Writemaster (Miniature SH-S182) CD-burner, connected via a generic IDE to USB adapter. I'm uninterrupted Windows 7 Pro x64, CloneCD rendition (test). Provenience: topics and some fooling around. (instructions are valid for all Travelpilot DX CD's from all countries)