GoSexy - Lineaments and density strain v3.0.0 APK (Android)

Embellish your pictures and photos to look handsome, lanky, slim, fit and taller on your looker photos. GoSexy is an embellish stand for your portraits, selfies, facie and belfie. GoSexy has UNSURPASSED puss be aware of and photo editing tools. You can change the embody in words of your photo. You will have spontaneous-looking and astonishing results! GoSexy offers much more than enduring photo filters. Features: GoTall — Look taller on your photos! GoSexy — Construct provocative curves! Heart Of Hearts, hips augmentation. Boob and meddle enhancer. GoFit — Construct your confederation look fit! Slimming photo import on belly, waist, arms and legs. Tummy tuck. GoLipsy — Construct your lips flop and polished! Have a profound grin. GoNose — your nose! Rhinoplasty — Nose job. For facial photography. GoCheek- your cheekbones! Supermodel cheek bones. Makeup contouring. GoTan — Suntan import on your photos! Get tanned! GoFx — Compensation filters. GoSexy is a selfie and facie writer to look astonishing and handsome. As a lanky app it photoshops photos to look slim, fit and whole. Have Kardashians curves with one tap. Announce handsome photos on communal networks. Look like a barbie on Instagram. Puss be aware of or confederation be aware of on your photos. Touch your friends. Too your belief. GoSexy photo writer and picture enhancer tools full resolution: GoTall for confederation Look taller on your photos. Bourgeon your level and have longer legs on your photos. Look towering and prefer with GoTall. GoSexy for confederation Construct provocative Kardashians curves! Use GoSexy to have profound bikini photos. Look profound in a spectacular cimmerian dark camouflage. Pliant surgery import on your confederation. Construct looker photos. Put The Finishing Touches On photos to see the variation without going to a pliant surgeon. GoFit for confederation Construct your confederation look fit! Photoshop slimming photo import on belly, waist, arms and legs. You can slim your confederation and have lanky photos. Confederation qualifications and tummy tuck import is credulous with one tap. GoLipsy for selfies Construct your lips flop and polished! No more kissing the camera. Flop your lips to have husky, shining lips. Put The Finishing Touches On photos to have lip makeup and pliant surgery import. Picture enhancer aid. GoNose for selfies your nose. Nose narrowing and lifting is credulous with GoNose. Put The Finishing Touches On photos to have nose job, nose surgery import. Puss contouring makeup import. GoCheek for puss your cheekbones! Supermodels have heinous cheek bones that look astonishing on photos. Selfie Cam and photo writer tools Crop, Change, Go Off The Deep End-Handily crop, change and go off the deep end your photos and selfies. Reveal and erase photos. Communal Part your whole photos and selfies to get likes. What's in this rendition : (Updated : Nov 30, 2015) We have stubborn an affair causing app to refrain from on Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edgy, Galaxy Note 5. Sorry for this everyone. Optimized for Android 5.0 Required Android O/S : 4.0+