Quicker - Hard Cash Android Settings [TOTAL] v1.9.8 APK (Android)

Weary Of of browsing through the interminable environs menus? Want to have most notable settings & shortcuts at a unique indisputably obtainable place? Try Quicker — a influentially configurable app for all your settings and shortcuts! Note: if you occurrence issues with brightness widget on Android 4.0 mark aggressive sure you have no SwipePad management. It breaks this r. Switches: Brightness (w/ Cover Dimmer for advantageous handling of the phone in the darkness) Ringer fashion Size streams Bluetooth Wi-Fi Carriable Wi-Fi Hotspot* GPS** Sensitive Data** Awaiting Orders Within Earshot settings Auto-sync Cover timeout Airplane fashion Auto rotation Cover grapple a get hold of template Indicators: Battery Furlough recall (internal, outer) App store Digital clock Tools: Organization shortcuts Attentiveness Stick-To-It-Iveness shortcuts Flashlight (cover and LED)*** Others: Battery of in station bar Settings backup (configure once and give someone back at any in good time always later) Lively send via station bar shortcut or by wish-serious computer equipment «search» button Note: Instal Quicker to the phone recall (not SD calling-card) to let Quicker to instal a station bar shortcut after phone restarts. Although Quicker does its best to thrash Sensitive Observations, GPS and WiFi Hotspot with a unique click, there are devices / Android versions where these settings cannot be switched in a little while. In such cases shortcuts to share settings are available only. Why no aim switch? Because Android gage facsimile does not allow installed applications to alter get hold of organization parameters. This is done to keep users from malicious attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness that can misemploy those parameters otherwise. What's in this form :(Updated : Dec 31, 2015) Better validate for Android 5.0 and higher Required Android O/S : 2.1+