Metal Pro (For ) v6.4 APK (Android)

Yourapp should business for you. It should be feather-brained, useful and handsome. It should look how you want it to be reachable everywhere, with lightning close on on speeds. Metal Pro does this. And more... And now it supports Trill, too. Two public networks, one slight app. Metal Pro is a web case, with a characteristic Consequential Organization article that makes browsing your favorite public network a love. CONSEQUENTIAL ORGANIZATION Through intuitively, with a organization that's unstrained on the eyes and makes drift. Capacitate the Consequential Organization article in Settings METAL BAR + METAL EVERYWHERE: Access your messages, gossip forage and notifications from any app, with a tap and a swipe. Swipe down the notifications bar and tap an icon. Metal Everywhere opens, allowing you to through in a floating window, while you gap for a position to stuff or a photo to download. WHOLLY AD-SET FREE: Metal is for you, forever. No ads, anywhere (dissimilar to some other clients). It keeps your details manipulation low and your skill the best possible. may provide you sponsored contentedness as suggest of your forage) STABLE TOOLBAR & RICH BLIND STATE More contentedness, less distractions. Through with guide using Metal's enhancements. NOTIFICATIONS: Get notified from those you protection about. Unstrained to set up and unstrained to use. THEMES & MISTY STATE: Your choosing. Misty state makes everything misty. Or use Fair-Skinned, a rich and handsome article. Or use the defaultBlue. ALL YOUR FAVORITE FEATURES: It's feather-brained (Under 2MB), supports details-frugal features and Orbot/Tor. Based on the staggering Tinfoil for What's in this adaptation : (Updated : Mar 10, 2016) Notifications rewritten to equip for enhancements Toolbar now auto hides as you scroll Upload videos by tapping the election menu. Or, if you're using rich blind state, tap the floating button then the options menu. Some delicate animations when launching and switching between pages in Metal. Required Android O/S : 4.1+
tags: Metal, Android