SO Launcher Prime (Galaxy S7 launcher) v1.92 APK (Android)

SO Launcher, is the most cultivated, powerfully customizable galaxy s6 look launcher. Uneventful, Side-Splitting Ridiculous features, NO AD Features: Second icon story, compatible with 5000+ icon packs and themes Galaxy s6 TouchWiz Launcher scrolling effectiveness Second drawer app sorting, drawer folder, app hiding Proficient Sidebar: involve Cleaner, Toggle, Torch etc; and you can potter-out Sidebar from anywhere Many gestures and Water Down icon gestures Unread Counts/Notifier for SMS, POST, Missed ACCOMPANY and Whatsapp etc Translucent significance bar and sailing bar for Android4.4, Android 5.0 devices, and Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note devices. Backup and strengthen launcher placement and layout; Intimation layout from other launcher Powerfully customizable, involve 200+ options: Substitution launcher desktop and drawer grid measure assess, style icon, hasp desktop, etc 4 UI Measure Assess Set-Up, even to substitution the icon measure assess 4 Drawer look: Supine, Vertical, Vertical with ranking, Roster look Many Desktop and Drawer modification effect; Many Lodge wallpapers Samsung, Galaxy S and TouchWiz are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. What's in this form : v1.92 update(2016-3-11): 1. Update to Galaxy S7 look 2. Optimize settings v1.91 update(2016-2-21): 1. Fix launcher may disaster when charging, sorry for the bug v1.9 : 1. Add composed charging mask 2. Prolonged hurry on search bar can take off it v1.8 : 1. Optimize the uneventful of desktop spiritedness 2. Update folder grid to 2*2 3. Focus UI and fail layout v1.7 : 1. Optimize search, can search app and web 2. Optimize App Picks 3. Optimize folder unfold in big phone 4. Optimize Feign Raise folder Required Android O/S : 4.0+