White Magic Fluids v1.5.6 APK (Android)

Pliant vitality in your help oneself to! Intimation the vet and father pleasant wave of colorful smoke and not make sense! Key features of Allurement Fluids: Warmly configurable pliant demeanour and look 10 configuration presets — if you're listless You can keep your own presets Multitouch controls Smoke and not make sense vitality Thousands of particles active with the pliant You can prosody caesura the vitality anytime and keep hots You can use Allurement Fluids as a biweekly app or as a Active Wallpaper Warmly optimized, multiple trait settings for wide-ranging variety of devices Possibilities are unceasing, effects are bizarre. Allurement Fluids allows for a excess contract of customization. You can tone down pliant typewrite, color palette, how large it stays on the vet, when colors should alter and much more. Pliant alone is excess, but it only gets better. Upset on particles and keep an eye on how they rouse with the pliant and underscore it's wave. Particles have lots of configuration options as well — cast, mass, color and more. You can have more than 15000 particles on the vet, but you better have a athletic monogram if you want to do that! Whatever configuration you come up with, it would be excess to keep it and use anytime later. That's what operator presets are for — you can assemble ten pliant presets and anxiety them with a separate click! Are you listless and don't want to witter on through lots of settings? You can use one of ten predefined pliant configurations and still contact a excess multiplicity that Allurement Fluids offers! Examples of existing presets are Floating Flames, Wavy Winter or Classy Array. Allurement Fluids features two pliant vitality methods: Smoke — ideal gas simulation. Smoke is slow-moving and unwavering. It's excess when you want to slow-moving down and release Not Make Sense — uncommon method that makes pliant demeanour more nearly the same to solution than gas. You can almost regard the coercion propagating through the not make sense while you intimation the vet. It's exact when you want to father vigorous animations and images emotional of swirls and curls. What's in this account: (Updated : 6 April 2016) Fixing some bugs. Brace tuned for the next update! Required Android O/S : 2.2+