Emperor Tradition v1.2.2 mod

Elevation into the most lovely 3D heroine RPG for unfixed! Be a kung fu heroine! Enlist kings and beauties to against by your side as your suppress villainous demons. Examine the dynasties through over 20 gorgeously painted information levels rendered helpless with beyond belief flight of fancy creatures. Use marvellous skills in epic 3D battles so lovely and mind-boggling your jaw will nip and your blood will simmer! Choosing from dozens of heroes and skills, you’ll fabricate a storied band that will revelation your friends and suppress your enemies, and figure a excellent line of your very own! ENLIST EPIC HEROES — Select your Heroes from the kings and beauties of East Asian narrative — Endorse and Ascend them to indoctrinate them awe-inspiring new skills — Outfit them with intact upgradeable outfit, incarnation-shredding ch’i attacks, and rare Relics that unlock their pointed abilities AGAINST LOVELY 3D BATTLES — Starring Role your band ourselves into fracas and against in quite rendered 3D! — Plunge yourself in vigorous, fully-active fracas effects including lightning bolts, earthquakes, ignition auras, and more! TONS OF GAMEPLAY — Narrative: Starring Role your Heroes through over 20 Chapters of Information Trend — Guild Wars: Coincide With your friends and against genuine players in COLOSSAL 15-on — 15 battles — Dojo: Climb PvP rankings and win rare rewards by pitting your band against other players — Steeple Judicial Proceeding: Ascend the levels of Firmament to reach storied rewards! — Way: Starring Role a effort out into the bestial lands! — Bestial Wars: Puss waves of enemies, including a Devil Army and the mystic Dragon Turtle. The farther you get, the more trim you win! What’s new: New Features — Attached some localization bugs. — New Trace upgrade methodology! Relics can now absorb your chosen outfit or other Relics to Upgrade. — Trace Courtliness methodology! Cultivate Relics to get and mutate new tip stats. — Trace Cast can now decline down Relics! — Trace Cast now has a new Trace Hammer methodology. — Narrative Chapters 26-29 added, including Elite Legends. — 80 new Heroine Gifts added! — New, higher obstructive levels added to all Bestial Wars: Dragon Turtle, Devil Army, and Mystic Ruins! Mod Info: Mutilation Multiplier Unchecked Mana Required Android O/S : 2.3+